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various projects - Top row from Left:
Timex Asym while at Evo Design 2001
Jordan T4G for Nike 2005
Ricoh iBall while at Evo Design 2002
Middle Row from Left:
Nike City Knife 3 2004
Icon CJ3B with Burke Built for Icon 2009
Nike Zoom Street Miler 2004
Bottom row from Left:
Chantal Swan while at Evo Design 2002
Converse Weapon Evo 2008
Anon Cypher while at Evo Design 2001
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Artifactual Talismanic Objects - Some of the production projects I have had the opportunity to collaborate on at EVO, Nike, Jordan, Converse, and on my own with companies like Icon, Timex, Chantal, Pitney Bowes, Architecture for Humanity, VTech, Anon, Samsonite, and Burton

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