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The birds lover - A man feeding the pigeons in front of Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral

Photo: 03/2008
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Her eye - At the place du Tertre in Paris a Japanese drawer starting a young woman's portrait.

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Workers at 6 P.M - At: "La Defense" business area in Paris when people are going out from their work, silent, tired and already at home in their heads and via their cel phones.
The first man on the top is a motorcycle courier. I crossed him a while before and he was speaking alone, nervous and looking for an impossible address to find...4 different lives at the same place and me watching from the outside/inside...always like a tourist.

Photo: May 2007
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Portrait of a young man - Portrait of a young Chinese man shot today in Paris (Place de l'hotel de ville) during the Chinese new year day's celebration.

Photo: Feb 18th 2007
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Plawing with fears - I shot this picture at the "Paris Plage" event in Paris ( 08-2005). Close to the river Seine had been installed a giant water spray and this young boy was playing with its mates under the water drops.

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