Lamps - Presentation boards for a lamp product design project in Monash.
Citylink - Highway pass purchase screen for Citylink via Touch touchscreens.
Buttons - Shell touch screen buttons.
Screensavers - Corporate compulsory screensavers for Touchcorp Ltd - an IT company specialising in touchscreen kiosk purchases. Animated with ImageReady Designed with Photoshop.
Tattersall's Box - Lottery ticket packaging (like an envelope) for easy dispensing via Touch machines.
Tatt's Gift Box - Tattersall's lottery ticket box for special occasions- with two square windows cut out to show the tickets inside.
Tatt's Calendar - An accompanying "lucky/ fortune" calendar to be dispensed with lottery tickets.
Auto Racing Technik - Corporate website designed for Auto Racing Technik to promote their services, corporate image, products and events.
Technik Tuning - Technik Tuning businesscard designed to reflect the company's target market toward automotive sports.
ART tshirts - Auto Racing Technik branched their brand into retail wear in the Melbourne motorsport market.
Merck Sales Packaging - A smart packaging printed with Merck's pearlescents was designed to distribute samples to customers and promote the practicality and advantages of pearlescent colours for marketing.
Mars Confectionary - Mars needed some design ideas for their new competition (to win a car) which required pearlescent gravure printing. This also gave their new packaging more prominence on shelves with the advantage of the shimmering pearlescent colours.
Xmas card - Merck required a Christmas card designed to be posted to their best customers using their pearlescent colours in offset. The aim of the card: a promotional tool that is festive and decorative- by folding the card into a three dimentional paper Christmas tree that can be placed upon one's desk.
Portfolio - Portfolio to promote shoe design and prototyping. A collaboration with Nathan Hyunh Design.
Corporate Logos - Logo designs created using Illustrator.
Adamo Barcelona website - Corporate website for Adamo Barcelona to promote the brand, shoes, events, mailing list and sales enquiries. A collaboration with Artrivity Disseny.
Adamo Businesscard - Businesscard designed to reflect the contemporary, unique and sophisticated image of Adamo's shoes.
Peter Aedo Web - Presentation storyboard to be displayed in Peter Aedo's website to browsers, customers and buyers.
Catalogue design - Adamo look book designed for buyers and customers to order stock.
Flier design - Adamo needed fliers to be distributed during their Gaudi Fashion Week launch. The design was to promote the event, the shoes and the brand to guests.
Stickers - To help promote the Adamo brand further, stickers were designed to be given away to customers, distributers and for other promotional purposes.
Adamo tshirts - Promotional tshirts to be distributed during the Adamo launch in Barcelona during Gaudi Fashion Week.
Aedo Presentation - Shoe concept presentation designed for Peter Aedo.
Banner - Set of banners for Cymbeline's Catwalk Launch.
Merck Promo - Educating customers about Merck through advertising.
Merck Advertising Campaign - The pearlescent printed offset flier was a campaign designed to be distributed in a reknown Australian design magazine to encourage brand recognition and enquiries from design and marketing companies.
Portfolio Website - Portfolio to promote design services and product range. A collaboration with Simpleet Solutions.
United Nude - Presentationboard layout designed for United Nude.
Accessories presentation - Accessories presentation designed for United Nude / Terra Plana (London).
UN presentation - Gaudi presentation for United Nude.
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WSA e-invite - An e-invite design in collaboration with catalogues, fliers, etc following the same design theme.

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