Brainstorm - Quick freehand sketches for a brief.
Siren - Fantasy freehand sketch with ink on paper.
Spy - Fantasy female secret agent sketch with ink on paper.
Angel - Sketch of a friend with ink on paper.
Detailed Design - Technical sketch of component function.
2004 Wedge - Back detail of wedge.
Shoebox - Technical sketch of shoe box.
2004 Future shoes - Modernist shoes.
2004 Tweety - Royal shoes dressed with feathers.
2004 Rhino - Modern simplistic "horned".shoe.
2004 Tropic - Beach sandals.
2004 Priss - Venetian vaudeville shoe.
Cymbeline Paris - Lace ballerina with embellishments
Luxury Rebel by Jean-Michel Cazabat SS10 - Contemporary espadrille style using canvas and elastic
Miss Sixty - Vulcanised sandal with velcro straps
Summary of sketches 2006 - 2007 - A combination of sketches from many projects

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