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  • Dale Frye

    Design and Innovation Leader

    Holland, MI

As I believe character and values are every bit as important, if not more so, for anyone in a management position, I have distilled my career into a few key distinctives that I believe will continue to be conerstones to success…both personal as well as corporate. I believe my greatest success has come from a clarity of vision, knowing how to remove barriers to creativity and finally, an intense drive and desire to mentor designers to achieve higher levels of innovation and success.

Work Samples

  • Tony Jones Sprint Car

  • Bubby Jones Sprint Car

  • Cory Kruseman

Work History

  • an Independent Consultant and successful Entrepreneur

    • West Olive, MI

    provide a variety of services including product design, product/user research and concept prototyping. Resolve complex problems such as product strategy and challenging mechanical solutions. Serve as project manager on client's internal product teams. Assist studios and businesses with their Vision, Strategic and Operational foundations for company health and growth. Current clients list spans from furniture to automotive, from marine to entrepreneurial start-ups. Accomplishment: Signed multiple IP disclosures and provided ground breaking solutions to challenging problems to bring market success and profitability. DALE FRYE 2

  • an Advanced Innovation Manager

    • Holland, MI

    lead teams, bringing breakthrough innovations to the automotive seating division. Teams consist of internal and external experts in multiple fields of focus. Ensure that potential products and opportunities support the corporate strategies for growth, profitability and manufacturing footprint. Develop internal and external communication plan. Direct the creation of properties that range from learn fast sketch models to customer facing demonstrators. Work with commercialization teams to bring the product to a level suitable for engaging a customer for co-development. Accomplishment: Conceived and currently developing an entirely new range of seating features that are forecast to add upwards of $750 million in revenue at increased margin over the next five years. 22 Patent applications pending. Received awards for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Teaching Faculty

    • Holland, MI

    instruct various modules of the Innovation Methods Certification course. Contributed to the development of IMC curriculum as well as specific syllabus of courses taught.

  • Design Manager

    • Holland, MI

    renovated product development process and built an effective team, maximizing creative output. Team consisted of industrial designers, naval architect, engineers, electrical engineers, and design technicians. Process scope ranged from initial market research, product definition, design development, and launching boat into lean manufacturing system. Accomplishment: Drove development of new design language for the then struggling, Sovran product line, resulting in Yachts that shattered all previous sales records. Of note: 70% of sales were first time Tiara buyers with most sales being drawn from the competition.

  • Principal

    • Ventura, CA

    formed small consultancy company at the urging of former clients to concentrate fully on delivering responsible and innovative product concepts to select clients. This unique collaboration of highly talented individuals served to unify the desire to rediscover the simple pleasure of enjoying those we work with and for. Business was built around the assertion that innovation and creativity are strongest when minds are clear. In this capacity, I provided Industrial Design and Prototyping services for client base. Led product strategy brainstorm meetings, attended and presented at executive level planning sessions and assisted the development of new product plans. Accomplishment: Signed over 45 "Intellectual Property Disclosures" yielding seven US Patents.

  • Chief Operating Officer/Director of Design

    • Westlake Village, CA

    provided oversight of all aspects of product development process including design quality and integrity by maintaining regular critiques of all projects and selective participation in key client meetings. Responsible for the day-to-day operations of a 40-person product design firm, including setting operational budgets, staff performance reviews, project scheduling, monthly performance reporting to parent company and upholding design integrity of projects carried out at Hauser. Accomplishment: Built the Automotive sector of business from $150k annually to $1.2 million in less than two years. Won "Best Interior", Frankfort Motor Show with the Vios concept vehicle.

  • Senior Design Manager

    • Calabasas, CA

    up design office in Calabasas to ensure a global quality level of design. Hired as the first of three global Managers, answering to the Vice President of Design. Staffed office with world-class talent and young stars in the making. Responsible for designers in Dallas, Copenhagen and Australia which included a great deal of travel. Accomplishment: Designed the 282, Nokia's first folding phone. Earned US Patents for hinge mechanisms and ergonomic features, winning the Design Innovation Award at the 1999 CES show. DALE FRYE 3

  • Senior Designer/Studio Lead

    • Holland, MI

    in the Advanced Design Studio, worked with various product managers to determine business objectives and develop new product solutions. Identified inconsistencies and developed new and comprehensive Design Intern Program, providing a learning platform for intern and managerial training ground for younger designers. Accomplishments: Awarded nine U.S. Patents and one European Patent for automotive interior products. Won the 2nd Annual Design Resource Award for environmentally responsible design.

  • Senior Designer

    • Brighton, MI

    worked on body kits, convertibles and sunroof conversions. Accomplishment: Two U.S. Patents for a convertible roof mechanism. Designed the bodywork for the C&C Beretta GTU racecars, which included a wind tunnel program.

  • Instructor

    • Grand Rapids, MI

    identified need for education of local students and made a proposal. Successfully secured proposal to teach classes and arranged for additional instructors over four year period.

  • Travelling Crew Member

    • Compton, CA

    performed duties as tire changer, fueler and pit stop/ fuel strategy. Spent off season developing tools and new parts with the team engineer and mechanics. Accomplishments: 1984 Indy Pit stop championship. Developed "Lap Time" based, fuel consumption algorithm to assist with pit stop and fuel strategy.



    • B.S Transportation Design
    • 1986





Multiple design awards as well as many US utility and design patents