Please come visit me at www.damonjurkiewicz.com Inspiring forms and concepts only get a product development cycle so far; they need to be seamlessly paired with function, interaction, ergonomics, engineering, business, marketing, manufacturing and sustainability. My focus is creating compelling concepts that work in a real world, big picture context. Using an integrated interdisciplinary design philosophy I bring disruptive products and innovative experiences to market on time, on budget and on target. I lead projects as a flexible problem solver by facilitating true conversational understanding within business units and design teams. My experience covers creating and managing: new organizations, design programs, test programs, design facilities, prototype facilities, testing and simulation environments. Interdisciplinary, deep dive research and development settings are my preferred work environment. Complementing my traditional core design skills and education I have extensive training in: Design For Lean Sigma, Design For Six Sigma, Design For Ergonomic Assembly, Design For Manufacturing and Assembly, Voice Of The Customer and Lateral Thinking. I also have an extensive background in machining, welding, metal fabrication, plastics, composites, manufacturing, production processes, CAD modeling, CNC machining, CNC programming, prototyping and a wide range of technologies. This combination of skills and training allows me to think abstractly while generating actionable yet inspiring concepts.

Experience & Education