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  • Dan Cristea

    About ME

    Toronto, ON

Background in product design either in a corporate environment or creative consultancy I am a quick thinker, confident, passionate, enthusiastic, hard working and fully engaged in the world in which I evolve. As a designer I am always open to learn new experiences and share knowledge with others. Industrial Design became the "key" element, and allowed me to further my knowledge and reach new levels in this creative domain.

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Work History

ESGE Design Designer-Consultant for medical & electronics products 2004 MEGA BRANDS North American toy company established in Montreal. Worked on various complex projects, and acquired a good sense of manufacturing with different types of plastics. 2005-2007 Freelancing www.afshinharati.com 2008 Graphic Design /Print/ Web Freelancing www.picxels.com 2008 Graphic Design/ Photography/ Print


Dawson College





Participated in European GreenLight Contest in 2004. DX Competition Medical Equipment 2004