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  • Dane Saunders

    Industrial Designer

    Vancouver, Canada

An Industrial Designer with several years experience in R&D Robotics, handling complex machined part prints & manufacturing. Currently available for freelance, contract, or full time opportunities. A passion for furniture design. Aspires to open up shop selling both refurbished and custom furniture pcs, along with local art & photography. Goal of designing & fabricating all products out of local recycled and found materials. New to Vancouver City as of January 2014.

Work Samples

  • Beneath the Surface

  • Atlas!

  • Bending Light

Work History

  • Robotics Build Manager

    As a Robotics Build Manager, I was responsible for managing the acquisition for all our custom machined parts for the company's humanoid robots, leading a team of technicians through an aggressive build schedule, and managing lab personal. Some of day to day duties involved running team stand up meetings, resolving part manufacturing issues with outside vendors, creating and updating detailed machine part prints, designing weldments and fixtures, keeping track of current part prints, model revisions, and always a large B.O.M.


  • University of Alberta

    • Bachelor of Design Industrial Design
    • 2001 - 2005

    My Bachelor of Design degree was a 4yr program majoring in Industrial Design studies, with a minor in General Arts. In a class of about 30 graduates, I excelled at CAD, which was Rhino (now fluent in Solidworks), and fabrication. Where the program lacked in marketing and real world application, it made up for though in depth user group analysis and target market focus.