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Littera - E Learning Flash MX Client - This project is developed for DotLand (www.dotland.it) and I used Advanced Action Script and XML to create this client.

Have a look !!

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Mondadori Libri - In this project I created Javascript Code, Html and CSS.

I also co-design the user-interface.

In collaboration with www.gruppo36.it

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Adi Imprese & Design - I developed this CdRom for ADI (Italian Association for Industrial Design), which has 2 functions:
1 > Being a Show-reel of the top 80 Italian Design Firms
2 > Being a Database about last years products by the Italian Design Firms.

I developed it using XML and Flash MX and it was delivered for both MACs and PCs.

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My personal Portfolio - a Screen Shot - This is a screenShot from my personal portfolio.
I developed this project using Flash MX + XML technology.

Have a look to interact with it!!
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Infostation - Javascript and DHTML - This project was intended to make intesive use of javascript and DHTML.
I created the Javscript, HTML and CSS code.

My main job was developing an easy to update Javascript Menu, created on-the-fly.

Have a look!


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