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  • daniele galiffa

    dott. Daniele Galiffa

    Milan, Italy

I’m an IT Consultant researching and working into the fields of Information Visualization, Knowledge Management, Rich Internet Applications, eLearning and OnLineCollaboration. In 2004 I got a degree in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano about creating a new User Experience in using Graphical User Interface to understand and edit data. The final outcome has been an InfoVis Flash ActionScript based Application.

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For further information, do not hesitate to contact me ( daniele@mentegrafica.it ). ** Personal Details ** Nationality: Italian Born: 1980.02.19 ** Education ** - 2004 5 years degree in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano with the final disseration about Information Visualization. It has been titled “Da Information Visualizazion a Information Visual Handling. Il progetto Kmap”. It was about creating a new User Experience in using Graphical User Interface to understand and edit data. The final outcome was an Flash based InfoVis Application. - 1998 Qualification as geometrician (60/60) ** Methodological skills ** - User-Centered approach - Use of a systematic approach to problem solving - Deep analisys about UserExperience related topics for all digital media projects - Knowledge and use of the tools of the Information Architecture tehory - Continuos Learning and Researching about eLearning, Information Visualization and RichInternetApplication fields - Use and knowledge of standards defined by international consortium - Knowledge of OOP paradigm ( DesignPatterns, best practices, etc.. ) - Knowledge of JavaDoc ** Technical skills ** - RDBMS PostgreSQL, MySQL - Multimedia Developing Lingo, ActionScript 1.0, ActionScript 2.0, ActionScript 4 FlashLite, Server Side Action Script, J2ME - Web Developing HTML, DHTML, Javascript, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSL, UML, AJAX, SQL, PHP, AMFPHP, Java ** Software skills ** - Multimedia Developing Macromedia Director - Web Developing Macromedia Flash, Flash Communication Server, Flash Remoting, Dreamweaver Macromedia Flex - Coding Eclipse, MTASC, SciTE, NetBeans - 2D Graphic Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator - 3D Modelling McNeel Rhinoceros Kinetik 3DstudioMax, Autodesk Autocad, Think3 ThinkDesign - General Microsoft Office ** Languages ** Italian, English ** Work Experiences ** from 1998 till 2003 freelance stuff, mainly: -- web-design / web-development -- eLearning applications. -- knowLedgeManagement application -- Interactive presentation -- small infovis solutions -- teaching on programming languages and ActionScript related courses. from january 2003 till now: As a professional ( IT VAT NUMBER 01502870676 ) I offered ( and I offer ) these services to several clients in Italy and Europe: -- design -- development -- research -- consulting -- education About these fields: -- Information Visualization -- Knowledge Management -- eLearning -- Rich Internet Applications -- RealTime Collaboration and Communication -- Mobile applications -- User experience Note: Since 1999, I have been collaborated as a multimedia designer and developer with several agencies in Italy; among others I would like to remember Gruppo36 (www.gruppo36.it) and dotland (www.dotland.it). I also worked for a while at METID (www.metid.polimi.it) the eLearning center of Politecnico di Milano and with INDACO ( the Industrial design Department of Politecnido di Milano ). ** Other Activities ** I run a blog focusing mainly on infovis ( www.mentegrafica.it/blog ). I was also one of the tutor assistant for a degree course at Politecnico di Milano focusing, among other topics, on InfoVis ( www.densitydesign.org ). I collaborate as a writer with www.flashability.it, an online magazine about UserExperience I'm a moderator into the Adobe Italian User Group forum ( www.actionscript.it ) ** Contacts ** dott. daniele galiffa infovis designer and developer Macromedia FlashMX Developer Certified email: daniele@mentegrafica.it msn: danielegaliffa@hotmail.com skype: danielegaliffa mobile: +39 335 57 53 078


Politecnico di Milano University