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&email me for a better overview of Daniel Loves Objects, or add me on FACEBOOK : or follow me on TWITTER : *************** About the designer: Daniel Loves Objects is an ideal conceived by an Industrial Designer from Singapore. He enjoys conceptualization that fuses a poetic touch in it. He gets inspired and aspired by the things around him such as the objects in the environment, animals and greens, even to the extreme of political affairs that are happening globally. He believes design could form a finesse between human, object and technology. CONCEPTUALIZING The power of imagination brings to light the craft of conceptualization. STYLING The flair to style a product in its finest proportion. Paying meticulous attention to every finer details. COLOR APPLICATION The right color combination speaks. It leaves the consumer with a striking image. It may be unusually new, but it strives to set a new direction, receiving acceptance. ILLUSTRATION Strong interest in graphical illustration. A good illustration excites, inspires and creates imagination. ***************** PUBLICATIONS Magazines 2008 Dec, Home Concepts, Singapore 2009 Jan, Dfun, Taiwan 2009 April, 831, USA 2009 April, Vlast Deneg, Ukraine 2009 May, Complot, Spain 2009 May (Issue 77), Interior World, South Korea 2009 May, Nisha, Israel 2009 May, Surface, China 2009 May, The Peak, Hong Kong 2009 May, F5, Russia 2009 May, FlyMagazine, Russia 2009 June, Casaviva, Mexico 2009 June, Maison Figaro, Greece 2009 June, Quo, Spain 2009 June, The Designer Magazine, United Kingdom 2009 July, Elle, Czech Republic 2009 July, Ego, Ukraine 2009 July, Prestige, China 2009 July, Home Concepts, Singapore 2009 August, Warp, Japan 2009 Sep, Warp, Japan 2009 Oct, GQ, Russia 2009 Oct, Z!nk, USA 2009 Oct, Interiors, South Korea 2009 Oct, Maru, South Korea 2009 Oct, Hi Home, Russia 2009 Oct, World Gold Magazine, Vietnam 2009 Oct, Life Element, China 2009 Nov, Esquire, Taiwan 2009 Dec, Playboy, Lithunia 2010 Jan, .Wit, Italy 2010 Jan, Home & Decor, Singapore 2010 Feb, and mag, Turkey 2010 Apr, Bravacasa, Italy 2010 Apr, Elle Decoration, Greece 2010 June, Design.Architecture.Style., Moldova 2010 Aug, [kAk), Russia 2010 Sep, Architectural Digest, Russia 2011 Jan, The Home, Bulgaria 2011, Feb, Design.Architecture.Style., Moldova 2012, Aug, Design Magazine, China 2013, Nov, Dobre Wnetrze, Poland 2013, Nov, Blagoustroystvo, Russia 2013, Nov, Forbes, Turkey 2013, Dec, Home, India Books 2009 Sep, Objet, Archiworld, South Korea 2009 Oct, Once Upon A Chair, Gestalten, Germany 2009 Nov, Clou - Excellent Creativity in Advertising, Marketing, Media and Design, Hermann-Schmidt-Verlag and Thames & Hudson, Germany and United Kingdom 2010 Nov, 1000 Product Designs: Form, Function & Technology from Around the World, Rockport Publishers, USA 2012 May, Bookshelf, Thames & Hudson, USA ***EXTRA*** LOVE = DESIGN *************** Design is a theme of beautiful things in a realm, whereas the universe has its own beautiful things yet in another realm. It's the pattern of transformation that took its flight from all things old. The feeding of information into our mind through our growing up years so we may be able to interpret between the bad and the good. The revolution from the old to the new. The contribution of masses to our environment. At times, the accidental contribution of some things bad that give us a chance to evolve into something good during the process. It may be a passion sown into our life through our environment while growing up or an accidental gift that has already been sown even before us. It's the small little details in our life that contributes to greater details. It is the love of our passion, an expression of the individual. Design may be huge, it may be small, but we understand that it's the proportion and distribution that gives balance to our surrounding. Some have remained in the background, failed to be spotted, some have risen up through some significant contribution of his, while some have succeeded through many stages of trying despite many stages of failing. Let us all also be the Thomas Edison of this era, never stopping, never compromising and the Abraham Lincoln that has never admitted defeat to all. Therefore, we may be able to open up a new chapter into our life. It may be an approach of inputting something old into the new, or the new into the old, but an output of something new will be birth. It may be an experience from extracting elements from else source, but let us not discount that because all things good produce good. Design is a multitude of things bad and good, so that a comparison can be made between the both, making observation between items so that we'll know what is good. We love the things that are around, but we do seek for new ones, because taste fades over time and design replenish that, allowing more things to evolve through the period of time. The appearance wear but the substance stays, so let us appreciate them so that they might stay. ****************** DANIEL LOVES OBJECTS