I see the industrial design as a discipline motivator of change for the human being thanks to improving the quality of human life through innovation and product development. The design of each day should be more humane and should guide its development to solve the needs of people through research, to not continue to generating so much garbage, producing objects that have no real meaning as Ezio Manzini says.

Work Samples

  • Experimental morphology

  • Moreliana

  • Point of sale- marketing

Work History

PERSONAL INFORMATION FULL NAME: Daniel Ricardo Villa Balbín PLACE AND DATE OF BIRTH: Medellín, 26/07/89 AGE: 22 years E-MAIL: danielricardo.villab@gmail.com danielvilla1000@hotmail.com danielricardo.villa@alfa.upb.edu.co STUDIES PRIMARY AND SECONDARY: Colegio San José de la Salle, Medellín, 1994-2006 UNIVERSITIES Universidad de San Buenaventura -Industrial design- 2007-2008 Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana - Industrial design- 2008-20012 INTERNSHIP FABLAB Colombia www.fablabcolombia.com


Aalborg University Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana



-Nomination to Lápiz de Acero award (2012 Profetas en su tierra)- best colombian design award.