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  • Dario Di Lascio

    Roma, Italy

freelance work

Work Samples

  • Print / Art Direction & Copywriting

  • Work / 1st Cover Contest: Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry

  • Illustrations / Sketchbook

Work History

Basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation course advanced - not Rescuer Health First aid technique - BLS / D (basic life support and defibrillation) ''Santo Spirito'' Hospital  L.G.T. in Saxia 3 00193 Rome (Italy)


Andrea Sabatini Art School (high school) Via Pio XI, 45, 84125 Salerno (Italy) European Institute of Design (IED) 11 Via Alcamo, 00182 Rome (Italy) Art Direction and Copywriting Marketing, advertising, graphic



Competition for the scientific journal ''Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry'' (Vol. 10, No. 3, 21 January 2012) Competition for the best cover, 1st place.