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THE MOTHERLAND [2011] - Videoclip for 'The Motherland', by Nicolas Masseyeff. Released by Herzblut Recordings.
Video by David Matos & Raquel Llové.
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NOOR [2011] - Noor, by Kiyo, from the album 71'36, released by Force Intel (2011).
Original footage from the 'Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women' (1967), directed by Derek Thomas and produced by Norman D. Wells on The Filmgroup, Inc.
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NOESIS (2009) - Remote perceptions - or sense - of people, life and time.
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6.720.747.184 (2009) - sobre a identidade

vídeo: sandra macedo e david matos
voz: calita
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SYMPTOM (2008) - A train and an undefined pattern
All footage shot with a cell phone
"S" theme available through www.ocp.pt.vu
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The Greatest Bullshit Story - George Carlin's on Religion and God (extract).

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