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  • David Riggs

    Senior Art Director /Director of Digital Marketing at Gravit...

    Los Angeles, CA

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Visual Communications * Considered Design Initiatives * Strategic Planning Market Research * Video Production * Talent Development C-Suite Presentations * Digital Marketing * Copywriting * Web Development Product Development * Story Boards * Project Management

Work Samples

Work History

  • Senior Art Director

    Redesigned and deployed the phase one direct marketing site, LennyLarry.com. Immediate results netted doubling of income in the first week.
    Redefined the product’s story and iconography to reflect both the trustworthiness and fun inherent on the product.
    Created branded marketing materials and product packaging including point of purchase displays, trade show handouts, and magazine advertising.
    Illustrated original designs for promotional items including T-shirts, coffee mugs and other promotional items for marketing partners including the LA Dodgers, the LA Kings, and Six Flags Theme Parks.
    Produced high converting marketing graphics for the website, resulting in continued sales growth for 9 months running in excess of 20% per month despite inconsistent product availability.
    Scripted and performed final edit on Lenny and Larry’s first commercial production.
    Redesigned the branded website instituting standards for growth including blogs, marketing and contest tools. The highly tuned user interface (UX) was optimized to maximize conversions for mobile devices of all aspect ratios.

  • Senior Art Director Director/Director of Digital Marketing

    • 2006 - 2015 (9 years)

    * Hired to help launch flagship product and expand market reach to a larger demographic focused on building a loyal customer base and driving aggressive revenue growth. * Implemented market-based analytics processes to more accurately identify customers and drive them to catalog and ecommerce sales. * Recreated web presence with richer product shots, YouTube videos and stickier copy which drove ecommerce sales to record levels. * Launched production standards that consistently themed and edited materials for greater impact. * Leveraged one-on-one coaching system to develop an expert team of visual artists. * Produced product messaging and created direct marketing magazine campaigns that boosted sales of our flagship product 30% per quarter for three years. * Customized advertising layouts and delivered over 1,500 high-quality ready-to-print digital assets to publishers per year. * Developed sales, product copy and magazine copy that boosted sales across all product lines. * Rebranded company logo, product design, packaging and advertising supporting retail partner sales while also energizing direct sales. * Created winning fact-based sales presentations for B2C and B2B channels. * Won buy-in from leadership to change visual path that was detracting business to a more adhesive design strategy to garner more sales. * Authored 300 page technical manual to detail patent support/product benefits and stave off legal threats of proprietary designs. * Created signature imagery and design elements used across catalogs, POP displays, handouts, video kiosks, and trade booths. * Acted as user interface (UI) designer of GravityDefyer.com's 2008 and 2009 rapid deployment on two different platforms: Escalate (4-month process) and NetSuite (2-month process). * In-sourced product design, packaging design, catalog design, video production, web design, SEM/SMM, Product and sales copy, s...

  • Director of Digital Marketing

    • Los Angeles, CA
    • 2006 - 2009 (3 years)

    * Hired as a Web Designer and quickly promoted to Director of Digital Marketing to take over the Gravity Defyer account, creating Gravity Defyer's first commercial and marketing videos. * Charged with the lead digital marketing management role, partnering with retailers like Costco, Walmart, Brookstone, Sharper Image, SkyMall and others. * Identified customer habits and targeted advertising and marketing efforts that further penetrated key markets with large returns for key accounts like GadgetUniverse.com and Steinhausen.com * Developed behavioral testing that informed successful standards for different ad platforms. alistdesigns@gmail.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidriggs * * Created email marketing newsletters and email copy that boosted click thru rates by 12%, compared to old graphic-heavy templates with same offers. * Simplified Gravity Defyer's messaging, focusing on lifestyle images of real people enjoying the product benefits campaigns yielded the highest results of email sales tracking three years.

  • Art Director, Web Designer

    • Hired
    • 2005 - 2006 (1 year)

    BERKELEY AND DOVER COLLEGES as contract designer and quickly promoted to full-time Art Director to enhance the look and user experience of their site. * Developed fresh design, content and user interfaces for a more engaging presence for the colleges. * Redesigned keyword strategy (SEO) and helped revamp marketing focus.

  • Manager, Video Production and Graphics Department

    • 2002 - 2005 (3 years)

    MARKETING * Manager, Video Production and Graphics Department * Won leadership approval to create a new editing systems to bring the production tasks in-house and was promoted to lead project and manage production and graphics departments. * Streamlined editing and review process saving the cost of adding contract editing services. * Redesigned corporate brand image and extended branding over all client materials, focusing on International Promotion's position in the industry. * Edited fast-paced, innovative presentations for video, DVD, and Internet streaming, featuring captured footage from film and television placements of products such as Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Corona beer, and Snap-on tools.

  • Production Designer, Art Director and Property Master

    • 1996 - 2000 (4 years)

    * Motion Pictures: "Shadow Dancer, " "Agent Red" "Submerged, " "Blood Dolls, " "Evasive Action, " "Nautilus, " * "Restraining Order, " "Counter Measures, " "Crash Dive" for Amritraj Entertainment, Boyington Pictures, Full * Moon Entertainment, Royal Oaks Productions, Warhead Films * Television/Special Interest: "Cyberkidz" for United Productions and "Crunch Total Fitness" for Crunch Inc. * Music Videos: Snoop Dogg, Aaliyah, Shaquille O'Neal, Sadat X, Montel Jordan, Warren G, Johnny Gill, and * Faith No More (for Bedford Falls, DJ Pooh, Elite Company, FM Rocks, Planet 3 Entertainment Group, SD * Productions, Viacom/Showtime, Warner Brothers Records) SOFTWARE SKILLS Adobe: (in-depth knowledge): InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, Premiere, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Flash Apple: (in-depth knowledge) Final Cut Pro HD, Motion, iDVD HD Miscellaneous: Quark, SiteGrinder, Media Cleaner, EditDV/Media 100, Cubase, Proof HQ, Basecamp, FTP and Web-based submission software, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint