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mobile phone concepts - rapid concept generation through sketching
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Philips DVD player - taking concepts to the next level with 2D rendering in photoshop and illustrator
elight - elight is a flashlight that is ready to go and intuitive to use during an emergency so that you can concentrate on getting to safety
(model: hand worked high-density rigid polyurethane foam, auto primer and finish, polycarbonate lenses)
neu breuer - 2004 philadelphia museum of art COLLAB student design competition in honor of Florence Knoll - redesign of Marcel Breuer's Wassily chair (1925) - my inspiration came from modern day racing bikes - this design was formally recognized and later selected for display at Philadelphia University
(1:4 scale model: hand worked high density polyurethane foam, auto primer and finish, formed steel rod, leather)
hang time - a children's wall mounted clothing hanger that can be repositioned into many forms - this is a postcard i designed to promote the product - feel free to email me if you would like one
(model: maple plywood, clear lacquer, custom hardware)
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intense - a materials research driven project - this folding "chair" shows of the complementary tensions between vectran (a high performance fiber) and steel
(model: cold rolled steel, 8-strand vectran cord, customized hardware)
after dark - 2002 philadelphia museum of art COLLAB student design competition in honor of Ingo Maurer - a lighting device made of paper - my design was selected as an honorable mention and chosen for display in center city philadelphia and later at Philadelphia University
(model: modified sketchbook and a light bulb)
design with good taste senior design show - our group conceived and implemented the concept that was chosen to display all the senior work at the market place design center in philadelphia

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