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  • Akharia Maneesh

    AGM- Iindustrial Design

    NOIDA, New Delhi, India

I have developed my professional skills of Industrial Design & development through continuous service to various industries in a span of more than 10 years. My idea is to set and apply a design criterion to make the things beautiful & functional, of the highest quality, advance and with artistic and aesthetic attributes that drive the expansion of the product in the market. I find my solace in developing the innovative products that satisfy the user needs and add values to lives affected by using it. I like to satisfy the form of needs that the users express in all functions around the product i.e. it’s branding, marketing, usability, Environment impact, recyclability & End of Life uses. I always venture and apply diverse approach and out of box design thinking to every new development. As team leader I always maintain an inspirational approach for working out innovative solutions though it may be challenging to achieve. My planned way of Design and Development is through a consistent focus and creative thinking which finally can be converted into viable business solutions. As a professional Industrial designer, my proficiency in the use of software such as ProE-Creo, SolidEdge, Solid Works & Rhinoceros, support me to produce Ideas and Product Design as per industry specific quality procedures. In addition, the application of variety of Design tools as DFMEA, QFD & IPD, provides the equitable approach in Development cycle. I am equipped with good knowledge and helpful network in and around for the Industrial prototype and model maker to support the Design and Development work. My day to day life at work involves coordinating cross function team, to interact vendors and supplier base for my Design and Development work. I implement team up approach to for getting all cross functions at a common platform to achieve all business goals.

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  • Industrial Design & Developemnt

    Industrial Design and Development for consumer products.
    Design management for professional Lighting Products and Small domestic Appliances.

    • GM - Innovation PLS

    Reporting to Business group PLS- Professional Lighting Group is one of the core businesses of Philips India Limited. This division is engaged in the business of indoor & Outdoor lighting professional Lighting products. Responsibility : Leading a small team (CAD Designers, Lighting Designer, Electronics Engineer & model Makers) for design & Development of lighting Products. My main responsibilities includes Product Design architecture and integration also to ensure the coherence of each project by making product design strategies and plans for my working team along with Product Managers /customers. Product & User Analysis: Benchmarking for the new product idea and set out the key Design specification with product marketing team. In depth Study of current market requirement & Use-case studies. New product ideation based on end user lifestyle mapping & identifying their aspirations for the desired product initiation. Project Definition &Concept: Brainstorming and conceptualizing design ideas with a keen eye on the aesthetic sensitivity through drawings, sketching/rendering skills, and CAID software tools. Consolidation of Product Design Specification and Generation of the Bill of materials and initial product cost estimation for project budget initiation. Prototype Development: Generate all design specifications needed for product development (shapes, materials, ergonomics, colors, textures, processes, manufacturing techniques, production graphics, tooling and quality) for creating of prototypes using RP, Sand casting, mock-ups (model) & Sheet metal fabrication. Design Analysis: Thermal & IP testing of prototypes for basic functions & performance. Use of FMEA method of product along with team. Validation of optical parameters in Goniometry lab. Customer Verification Labs (Validation of ideas through loyal customers & lighting application professionals. Design Consolidati...

  • Director - DD

    • Business Area : Company

    Reporting to established in 1993 as a multi-disciplinary design firm in South Delhi. It is one stops shop for strategic and innovative design solutions. It offers professional services for different clients in various fields from Automobiles to Consumer durables. It has various expertise design services in product, graphic, packaging design and mechanical engineering. Responsibility : Business development through marketing & PR. * Guarantee the quality of services and ensure that project delivery dates are met. * Manpower planning and utilization * Design project presentations to internal / regular customers for each project that meet the needs of project reviews and to communicate the design approach.

  • ) Sr. Manager - Innovation (Design)

    • Philips India Limited (Lighting) ( www.philips.com
    • Location, United States
  • Industrial Designer - Tech

    • APSOM INFOTEX LTD. ( Concurrent Engineering & RP) www.apsom.com
    • Location, United States

    Lead for Rhino

  • Assistant Manager - Product Design

    • Acme Ltd. (telecom infrastructure) (www.acmetelepower.com)
    • Location, United States

    Limited, Plot 180 Manesar Gurgaon. Start Date : Sept 2005 End Date : March 2007 Reporting to : Managing Director Business Area : The ACME Group is a leader in the field of energy management and innovative solutions for the wireless telecommunications and alternate energy sector. ACME products are installed over different telecom sites across the globe Responsibility : My main responsibility was to generate new approach for shelter design for quick erection and telecom equipment design for user friendliness and easy installation. Some of the main Projects successfully include the following activities: * New cabinet design for telecom equipment. Including aesthetic improvements. * Design modification and new product development for telecommunication infrastructure. Expert in PUF shelter Design. Handling all type of modification and customization for export as well local Indian customers in telecom sector. * Managing a small team of Mechanical & electronics engineers for Engineering and development. Taking lead in innovative product designing and sole responsible for any new product design/styling. * Design release and drawings for production through Solid Works for New parts Design Graphics design & manuals for new products. * Innovation & creativity for new system design: Foldable shelter system for quick installation and disaster management. Cold storage chain system concept building. Modernization of Vegetable seller by system design for freshness and hygiene. Whirlpool of India Ltd. (Domestic Refrigerator) (www.whirlpoolofindia.com)

  • Senior Manager

    • PDC Company

    Reporting to Business : Whirlpool is the most recognized brand in home appliances in India and holds a good Market share. The company owns three state-of-the- art manufacturing facilities at Faridabad, Pondicherry and Pune. The parent company is headquartered at Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA. Responsibility: * Revenue Generation through Innovation, Design for Export and Total Cost Projects. * Innovation Lead for New Ideas and Concept Development. * Converting Styling ID into feasible Working concepts through CAID and Design Validations. * Total Cost Planning ( cost reduction & value addition) Projects undertaken: * Fan in Direct Cool Refrigerator- Concept generation and form/shape exploration of duct. * Door Handle Design for New Launch- Generated concept of handle mounting based on the Styling constraint from ID (aesthetics and original form). * Control panel on Freezer Frame- Concept, Graphics and prototyping for EFT. * Bottle Separator cum holder for new launch- Concept of rotational and snap type bottle Separator. * Thermostat Control Box: New aesthetics for Control box in direct cool refrigerator. * Stickers and Graphics for New Direct cool refrigerator (Genius 180L). Visual Instructions including illustration of new features. Desmania Design Pvt. Ltd. ( Design Services ) (www.desmania.com)

  • Director & Marketing Manger- Rhinoceroses

    • Business Area : Company

    Reporting to Apsom Infotex Limited established in 1993 as a services provider for the IT industry. It is a leader in solution providers for different industries, textile, graphics, Rapid Prototype, Reverse Engineering, Desk top machining & 2D, 3D Scanners, Printers, & 3D modeling Software. Responsibility : Product Designer & Technical Lead in Rapid Prototyping Technology. * Product Support- for CNC milling Machine for small Prototypes. * New Projects- Product Design & Jewelry Design Package. * Training and technical lead for RHINOCEROS and Flamingo. * Responsibilities: To promote Design Solutions through Exhibitions, Seminars and Demonstrations. I have high interest in the Design & development of PERSONAL INFORMATION industrial products that satisfy the user needs and Name : Maneesh Kumar Akharia add values to lives affected by the developed Address : 48C, AK-4, Indirapuram, product. I like to satisfy the form of needs that the Ghaziabad-201010. users express in all functions around the product i.e. it's branding, marketing, usability, Environment Telephone (s) : +91 9999658922 impact, recyclability & End of Life -Uses. E-mail (s) : designer4id@hotmail.com My principle design criterion is to make the things Nationality : Indian functional, of the highest quality, innovative and Date of birth : 05.05.1977 with artistic and aesthetic attributes that allow the Gender : Male expansion of the product in the market. Marital status : Married to Anita Rani Chauhan Being a professional designer, my proficiency in the use of software such as Solid Edge ST4, Rhinoceros 4, UG NX8 allows me to produce design projects according to the IEC & ISO quality SOFT SKILLS: procedures. In addition, I also know variety of Keen to take challenging tasks, understand the Design tools as DFMEA, QFD & IPD, used in importance of knowledge sharing and teamwork Product development life cycle. I am c...

  • Industrial Designer - Product Development Center

    • (PDC)
    • Location, United States