Kitchen Compost and Recycling System - I wanted to design a product that would make it easy for anyone to recycle at home by incorporating existing behaviors and standards for waste disposal.

My solution is a two-container system: one for general recyclables (paper, bottles, can, etc.) and one for "green" waste (food, compostables, coffee filters, etc.).

A replaceable carbon air filter slips under the cutout recycling logo in the lid and provides ventilation for the green waste container while minimizing odor.
Problem Area - Residential Waste
Prototype Testing - I created and tested a number of working prototypes to determine what size and shape would be appropriate for the individual containers.

This was a semester-long project in a product deign class. My goal was to design a kitchen recycling container that complimented existing collection practices for general recyclables and compostables including food waste.
Ideation - These are my initial explorations of form for multiple recycling containers within one kitchen unit. My original design included a container for regular trash in an effort to save floor space.

I eventually concluded that it would be inefficient to include a container for trash (and selling the user a product they did not need would violate the principals of the concept).
Compost and Recycling System

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