AP Busines cards - We wanted to create a business card for our newest venture, a social networking site geared towards action sports. We used the bottom of a skateboard as the background, one of the rawest elements I could think of.
AP Identity system - Identity system for Actionprofiles.com
ActionProfiles.com is a leading online Action Sports network. Communities include Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Surfing, Wakeboarding, Mountain Biking, BMX, Motorcross, Skiing and Kiteboarding.
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AP Identity system concepts - Problem: Develop a consistent identity system that allows for reps to apply personal info to
miscellaneous collaterals, e.g. event posters, bcards, media kits.

Solution: A personal branded label to be applied on multiple AP branded materials.

Concept 1 (most expensive): Anodized Aluminum adhesive label
Concept 2 (least expensive): Custom stamp
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"Design for Good" campaign branding -
ActionProfiles.com partnership with CommonThreadz.org for a T-shirt design contest to benefit orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa.
images (c) CoomonThreadz.org
"Give a Dam" branding - A humanitarian campaign logo for relief work in Africa. Building resevoir dams in Kenya and filming an action sports film to promote the cause.

Quiet Way - 'Give a Dam' project
"Give a Dam" Wakeboard Graphic - Limited edition wakeboard graphics for the ActionProfies.com/Quiet Way, "Give a Dam" effort. Boards were given as gifts to the VP of Kenya, and will be sold to raise money and awareness of Africa's drought problems.
"Give a Dam" Limited Edition T-shirt - www.actionprofiles.com/giveadam
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AP Graphic Tee Concepts
Boat Wrap for Actionprofiles.com - Colorful AP branded wrap for AP Wake photoshoot.

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