haha! - Illustration for a wallpaper for Nalden.net & wetransfer.com
perfume debate - editorial illustration for ELLE [nl] November 2009
Mevrouw Zuid - Hide & Chic December 2008
Lacoste bathing suit - AvantGarde August 2008
Stella McCartney bathing suit - AvantGarde August 2008
DSquared bathing suit - AvantGarde August 2008
Gucci bathing suit - AvantGarde August 2008
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Interview - Cover for Rails magazine
issue #2 March 2008
Lof #3 2008
Obviously you're not a golfer - Fused calendar 2008
99 percent natural - AvantGarde january 2008
poulet s.v.p. - AvantGarde January 2008
Beautyfood - AvantGarde April 2008
Two is the new three - X-mas card 2007
moederschapsideologie - Lof #2 2007
jewelry - editorial illustration for ELLE [nl] December (2007)
Scarlett Johansson - editorial illustration for ELLE [nl] November (2007)
House - cover of House magazine (2007)
CJP campaign - One out of five posters I illustrated for the new CJP campaign. To see all five of them, go to my website.
Kiss - campaign illustration for CJP (2006)
Esther - campaign illustration for CJP (2006)
high heels - Illustration for ELLE (nl), April 2007.
Sports addiction - Editorial illustration for AvantGarde(NL) October 2006
Poison - You are like poison in my blood, pumping through my head with every heartbeat....
eco cosmetics - Editorial illustration for ELLE (nl), May 2007.
Sugar Factory - This is one of four posters I made in cooperation with Lemon Scented Tea (Amsterdam) for the Sugar Factory in Amsterdam.
Lovehandles - Fashion illustration for ELLE magazine (NL)
doorvertellen - personal work.
This illustration was published in Dif #3 in 2005.
joggen - personal work.
Published in Dif #3 (2005)
zebrapad - personal work
editorial illustration for ELLE [nl] (2007)
horoscope for ELLE [nl] (2007)
gemini - horocope for ELLE [nl] (2007)
pisces - horoscope for ELLE [nl] (2007)
Rails cover - Rails is a dutch magazine which is spread in the trains. The theme for this edition is 'the Spark'. It's about people who meet each other in the train and fall in love.
pregnant cat - editorial illustration for ELLE [nl] February 2010

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