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Comprehensive Survey Results

The following infographics represent the total of survey participants, incorporating all specialties and industries. Check back regularly to see how the charts change as more responses are added.

  • Work Environment vs. Education

    This chart illustrates the highest level of education achieved by participants in various working environments. The size of the circle is relative to the percentage of respondents with each level of education. Not surprisingly, more people with advanced degrees work in academic settings, while the freelance world has a wider range of people with all types of degrees.

  • Company Size vs. Medical Benefits

    These squares represent six levels of company size according to how many people they employ. Within each square is the percentage of employees at companies of that size that reported receiving medical benefits through their employer. As we suspected, larger companies are more likely to offer their employees medical insurance.

  • Gender Split by Specialty

    For each of the seven industries we studied, the length of the entire bar represents how many responses we received. From there, we split the bar according to the male and female responses to demonstrate the gender distribution among respondents in each industry.