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  • Jon Seisa


    Los Angeles, CA

Principal Art Director, Designer & Illustrator with expertise in toy/doll/consumer product design, theme park & show design, architectural conceptual vision, graphics & logos, character design & theatrical costume design. I love envisioning new innovations & solutions to meet the client's design criteria, aiming for the stars to get the moon, capturing the epitome in design & refining ideas & products to their greatest intensity and potential.

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Jon Seisa Principal Art Director, Designer & Illustrator OBJECTIVE Searching for a principal art director and visionary leadership position at a highly innovative design firm or entertainment company that encourages freedom to advantageously use insightful & creative design skills in generating & developing blockbuster high-concepts & translate them into tangible cutting edge brands, product lines, creative design aesthetics or innovative multi-media entertainment directions, while meeting corporate objectives, budgets & criteria in generating positive financial results & fostering fresh creative thinking to inspire team members towards mutual excellence. HIGHLIGHTS Three years of design mentorship under the wing of acclaimed Disney & Hollywood Film Senior Art Director, Harper Goff, Head Designer of the original Disneyland-CA DESIGNED CONCEPTS & EXECUTED PRODUCTION DESIGN DEVELOPMENT ON: The Walt Disney Company: $1.5B EPCOT Center, FutureWorld & The World Showcase Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida: ATT’s Spaceship Earth General Motor’s World of Motion Pavilion Kodak’s Journey Into Imagination Pavilion Georgia Pacific’s Land Pavilion United Arab Emirates Pavilion Saudi Arabia Pavilion African Pavilion Japan Pavilion’s Shiseido Cosmetic Boutique & Kai-Dan-Redan-Ren Corporation Industrial Exhibit $1.81B Tokyo Disneyland Theme Park & Disneyland-California’s Fantasyland Rehab – The Walt Disney Company The Goddard Group: Fairy Tale Land, $1.3B Fushun DreamWorld (Hotgo Theme Park) - China Six Flags Power Plant in Baltimore – The Magic Lantern Theatre The Great Savannah Exposition – Savannah, Georgia “The Adventures of Conan the Barbarian” – Universal Studios Hollywood Harmony Gardens – China, United Nations & Anthony Lugo Productions “Hot Ice” Musical Ice Skating TV Show – American Actress Shelley Duvall & Platypus Productions 2008 THEA Classic Award (TEA) - Themed Entertainment Association15th Annual THEA Award for Walt Disney Imagineering - Show Production Design (1976-1983) on $1.5B design & development of EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) Center, FutureWorld & The World Showcase - Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. 2005-2006 Disney Fairies Premier Design & Development Launch – Playmates Toys, Inc. & The Walt Disney Company - 13-month contract to design & development “Disney Fairies” & “TinkerBell” Doll Line Master License for the premier product launch year Fall-2006, and two additional product season extension lines to Fall-2008. Initial 2007 brand sales topped $700M & contributed to the overall total of $5B in worldwide Disney Fairies franchise//sales. RECENT CLIENT PROJECTS – 2006 TO PRESENT 2006 to Present Seisa Designs – Independent Senior Art Director/Designer/Illustrator Consultant – Long Beach, CA. MULTIFACETED CREATIVITY: • Classically trained Principal Art Director, Designer & Illustrator. • 40 years of innovative creative visionary experience & skills. • A true innovator of marketable blockbuster ideas. • Excellent presentation skills to produce enthusiastic interest. • Team-oriented who champions & inspires individual contributors. • Clear communicator generating concise comprehension. • Possesses multi-creative design disciplines. • Excellent & thorough researcher. • Polished experience with a vast eclectic creative range. • Able to formulate directional conceptual design options adroitly. • Brainstorm champion & blue sky innovator. • Facilitates swift direction & development design in multiple styles, techniques & mediums. • Unique versatility to orchestrate art direction criteria based on marketing strategies & corporate goals. • Readily apprehends various categorical genres, styles & themes. Interfacing capability with marketing staff, sales agents, market research groups, focus groups, licensors, licensees, PR agents, Hong Kong production vendors, computer programmers, IT technicians, electronic consultants, engineers, architects, interior designers, model makers, 3D prototype firms, textile design developers, plastics & materials engineers, chem-labs, inventors, tooling developers, copywriters, breadboard developers, scriptwriters, lyricists, recording studios, audio-mixers, musicians, producers, vocal talent, choreographers, reprographics, publishers, photo studios, recording studios, costume designers, softgoods engineers, sample makers, plush manufacturers, painters, material finishers, sculptors sourcing agents & including art direction of outside vendor support versed in the specialty fields of: Adobe Suite Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark Graphic Illustrator, CAD, Indesign & Microsoft programs. CLIENTS & PROJECTS: Apogee Entertainment, Inc. – North Hollywood, CA. Blue sky concept development for two new themed “Lands” of an Alpine & Norse mythic nature for an existing China theme park client (confidential). Prelim illustrations & visual supportive tearsheet images were used to communicate several potential & proposed themed environmental directions, fitting the client’s key criteria. This included show ride and merchandise retail facades, plazas, sculptures, fountains, natural terrain & landscape concepts. The Goddard Group, Inc. – North Hollywood, CA. Executed prelim designs on all show elements for $1.3B Fushun DreamWorld-China’s (“Hotgo Theme Park’s”) new themed land expansion, “Fairy Land”. Created pavilion concepts, show elements, whimsical cottages & show exteriors themed to traditional classic fairytales, including: • “Lake Fairy Haven” • “Queen Fairy Falls” • “Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Diamond Mine Adventure” • “Rapunzel’s Tower” • “Jack’s Beanstalk” • “Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum’s Restaurant & Disco” • “Fairy Bog Tree Village” • “Lake Fairy Haven Fairy-Go-Round” • “Fairy Lily Pod Houses of Lake Fairy Haven” • “Lake Fairy Haven Sky Castle” • Brainstormed & wrote conceptual treatments for experiential guest interactive free-shows related to fairytale storylines & classic characters, including: “Sleeping Beauty Grand Gazebo Mini Show” & “Try on Cinderella’s Glass Slipper Photo-Op”. Universal Studios Hollywood NBC/Universal – Hollywood, CA. • “Universal House of Horrors & Classic Monsters” – Prelim-brainstorm concept & ideation development. Hoover International Financial Services, LLC – Los Angeles, CA. Prelim blue sky conceptual design of several intellectual properties for the startup HIFS holding company’s IP portfolio, including: a world expo concept, a new city concept, and key architectural elements, urban nucleus, public works structures, museums, monuments, memorials, fountains, arenas, pavilions, plazas, world trade center, office towers, hotels resorts and spas, high rise condominiums, themed residential communities, retail concepts, and public & private recreational and entertainment venues, including: • “Balboa Concertoreum” – New Garden City, concert hall concept. • “L’Arcade du Mode” – New Garden City, exclusive high-end international shopping arcade concept design. • “Monarch Plaza” – New Garden City, executive financial plaza. • “Labirinto Di Oro” – Luxury Resort Hotel & Spa. Anthony Lugo Productions – Newport Beach, CA. Prelim design and illustration on the “United Nations-China Harmony Gardens” theme tranquility park. Created conceptual delineations for the cornerstone structure & sculpture, “Unity Pavilion”, also included: • 2 peace sculptures • “Court of Flags” • “Lantern Restaurant” • “Parasol Bistro” Hasbro, Inc. – Pawtucket, RI. Designed and illustrated a new style and look for the major high-priced playset for the Strawberry Shortcake Doll Brand, & an assortment of low priced playset accessories & various doll feature fashion themes, adding merchandise sales to the overall $3.2 billion in retail sales since 2003 alone. Created the high-priced accessory playsets: • “Strawberry Shortcake Sweets Shoppe & Bakery”. • “Strawberry Shortcake Dance Theater”. • “Strawberry Shortcake Stylin’ Hair Salon”. JAKKS-Pacific Toys, Inc. – Malibu, CA. • “Cabbage Patch Kids”, “CPK Cuties” & “CPK Babies” product lines, fashions, play accessories & playsets. • Betty Crocker Baking Playsets. • Girl Scouts of the USA Cookie Maker Playsets. Spin Master, Inc. – Los Angeles, CA. • “Disney Princess” Extension Line blue sky designs. Bandai-America, Inc. – Cerritos, CA. • Harumiki Interior Designer Extension Line. Dynamic Designworks, Inc. – Huntington Beach, CA. • “Cabbage Patch Kids” fashions, conceptual style board directions, & playset accessories for Xavier Roberts’ Original Appalachian Artworks, Inc., via Play Along Toys. • Created the exclusive look for the plush toy pet line “Adoptimals” for Wicked Cool Toys, Inc. & OAA, Inc. • Whimsical styling for Blip Toys, Inc.’s “Surprise Inside” collectible playsets, winning the 2012 TOTY (Toy Of The Year) Award. • Niya: We Are Friends” – by Darla Davenport-Powell – Kabod Publishing, Inc. – Atlanta, GA. • Designed & illustrated an assortment of plastic playsets & plush preliminary toys of 30 SKUs for Disney’s “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” toy line in collaboration with Character Direct, Ltd. & Disney Toys/Consumer Product Licensing. • New Barbie lead fashion doll product candidate submissions for Mattel Toys, Inc. • “Sea Sprites” doll concept. • Designed look for “The Rainbow Fairies” doll and toy line, including hard plastic toy accessory playsets – Cookie Jar. Inc. • Designed soft-sculpture plush toy play-accessories. • “Fur Berries” plush toy product package design artwork – McHale Designs & Spin Master, Inc. • “Hello Kitty” parade floats & vehicles & “Hello Kitty City” concept – Jada Toys, Inc. – Industry, CA & Sanrio Co, Ltd. – Japan. • Designed playset & fashion costumes for Spin Masters’ “Animal Party” character doll line . • Created Boys’ Toys prelim concepts for JAKKS-Pacific Toys, Inc., including generating the inception of “The Mutant Biohordes,” “Power Bladders,” & “Time-Spy Trackers”.


Art Center College of Design