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The idea behind the exhibition was to create debate on the future of the city of Pforzheim. It consisted of 6 projects that imagined an extreme scenario in 20 years time.

My teamĀ“s scenario focused on the alteration of the genome of kids to enhance or induce certain traits and creative abilities; it also questioned the ethics and potential of such practice.

(In collaboration with Stephanie Ip, Sonja Bonk, Eva Hahn and Barbara Ertle)
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Turning conditions such as dyslexia and synaestesia into creative assets, our proposal is about looking at things from a dierent angle; looking for creativity where no one has looked before and most importantly turning weaknesses into strengths. We are dealing with topics as elitism, secrecy and ethics, not to raise controversy but to think about our society and how we want the future to be. How far are we willing to go to achieve our goals?

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