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Shiva and Sati fell in love, and it was for keeps.
Her dad, King Daksha, didn't approve, he hated Shiva heaps.
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Spiteful Daksha, called for a get-together and didn't invite our favourite pair.
Upset, Sati went anyway and set herself on fire there.
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When Shiva heard this news, he threw a fit.
The love of his life was dead because of that Daksha, shit shit SHIT!
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He lost all control and pulled out his hair in rage.
A lock of which fell to the ground (this is an important stage).
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From that lock of hair was born Veerabhadra, Shiva's instant warrior.
He went straight to Daksha's party and created quite a stir.

He attacked everyone there, killing every guest very viciously and very fast.
Then he beheaded King Daksha, saving the best for last.

Shiva arrived and saw all the blood and gore, "Oh no, What did I do?"
His anger had made him do something stupid, he knew.

He gave Daksha's headless corpse a new head, that of a goat.
Daksha came back to life and they both forgave each other. Yes, both! :)

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