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Lord Shiva, the first hatha yogi, was explaining its workings to his wife, Goddess Parvati. She fell asleep, but a fish from a river nearby, heard it all and was enlightened. The story goes that he then was reborn as (or transformed into) a human, named Sage Matsyendra Nath who spread the word of hatha yoga.
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Yoga Nidra i.e. Yogic sleep. A hypnogogic state that, with practice, keeps you in the threshold of the conscious and unconscious levels of the mind. To get it right, keeping still is important because any movement in the body is movement in the mind. We are encouraged to feel nothing, to ignore all disturbances, for then they will go on their own :) This is an exaggerated take on that.
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Way back, being a yogi was serious business. Its various codes of conduct included Bhramachary i.e. conservation of energy. This meant no distractions, no social life, no sex life. All energies were focussed on meditation! :)

*Balika means 'girl' in old Hindi.
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Farewell cards for few of my batchmates at the yoga course

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