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  • Diego Miralles

    Director of Design - HTC/VIVE

    San Francisco, CA

The consumer product industry is frequently challenged with technological advances, stricter environmental requirements and increasingly more savvy customers that are always looking for ways to simplify their lives. Diego Miralles has spent his award winning career traveling the world finding ways to be inspired and to inspire others to make significant strides in the advancement of exciting and responsible design that makes positive impacts on the way we live with design. Working for progressive companies such as BMW AG (Germany), Samsung, SmartThings, Reva Electric Car Co (India), ICON Aircraft (California), Lit Motors and Yuneec International (China) have provided both invaluable experience and ideal opportunities to create meaningful and progressive design thus setting the stage for welcomed challenges ahead. His current position as Design Director of Hardware at Samsung SmartThings has given Miralles deep insight and understanding of the basic day to day lives of how customers currently interact with their home ecosystems both in-home and through mobility as well as discovering potential pattern shifts that will be occurring as our lives become automated and simplified through IOT. Miralles' managing experience has been well supported by the desire to gain clear understanding and credentials in other fields related to industrial design including materials, ergonomics, aerodynamics, structural dynamics, regulatory requirements. Managing a creative force also brings challenges that will make or break the success of any project or department and sometimes an entire company. Creating efficient standards of practice within a studio balanced with the need for individual expression is a major focus in the day to day of studio management. This must be done while keeping a watchful eye on the pulse of design trends and company strategy. Desired Positions: Program Management Project Management Design Director Creative Director Experience: Product Design - Design Director: Independent and corporate development of electronic goods, advanced toys and IxD at Samsung Car Design - Design Director: exterior, interior, ergonomics, mechanical, structural Aircraft Design - Design Director: branded full size, UAVs, exterior, interior, ergonomics, mechanical, structural Market research and strategy for major automobile manufacturer - BWW AG Boat Development - Design Director: exterior, interior, structural concepts Awards: - ICON A5 aircraft - Numerous design awards including 2009 IDEA/BusinessWeek Design Awards - Gold in Transportation Design category, 2009 Gold Spark Design Award - Design Distinction in ID Magazine’s Annual Design Review, the prestigious Red Dot International Award for Product Design - Finalist for the 2010 Wallpaper "Life- Enhancer of the Year" and the Australian International Design Award.

Work Samples

  • ICON A5

  • ICON A5 Exterior Development

  • ICON A5 Interior Development

Work History

Diego N. Miralles – Design Management Miralles currently holds a position since August 2013 as design director with Samsung - SmartThings in the Silicon Valley. Contact: (626) 675-3636 cell diego.miralles@gmail.com GOALS: To be a leader and driver of innovative and successful solutions in industrial design. SUMMARY: Extensive design, development, and marketing skills in the automotive, aircraft and nautical, product manufacturing industries. Proven ability to carry concepts through to reality. Independent designer, team manager, public speaker, and college lecturer. Miralles has the multiple talents of a Renaissance man, with the unique heritage of Argentine design flair combined with precise Dutch accuracy and detail. • Developed specifications and enhancements for electric aircraft, Shanghai, China • Many design patents awarded. Fifteen years of experience designing and developing electric vehicles and other unique transportation products • Conceptualized new designs for personal marine craft and commercial ocean vessels • Developed business projections, design and manufacturing process specifications, marketing, and sales for major auto manufacturers in Germany and India • Authored college-level curriculum and department objectives, and advised faculty, for a large U.S. industrial arts college • Lectured on ecological and sustainable technologies in transportation and design • Managed small group think tanks and design efforts in various transportation applications • Explored sustainable design concepts in residential and commercial architecture DESIGN EXPERIENCE Samsung/SmartThings - Director of Design (2013-Present) Independent Design Consultant, U.S. and International Firms (1991 - present) Electric Aircraft Designer, Yuneec Industries, Shanghai, China (2011 – 2013) Design Consultant and Owner, DesignBund, Santa Monica, CA (2002 – present) Director of Design, ICON Aircraft, Marina Del Rey, CA (2004-2006) • Developed high-tech personal sport aircraft from original concepts to production. User identifying and brand creation through traditional and non-traditional methods. • Configurations included amphibious seaplanes and electric aircraft. Principal Industrial Designer, Applied Minds, Glendale, CA (2000-2001) • Product development on multiple high-tech projects ranging from video conferencing systems, consumer computer hardware, DOD systems concept development. • Leader of concept development forums, ergonomic applications, optics for video conferencing tools, and solar panel technologies • Developed space-age wearable products in conjunction with astronaut Story Musgrave Concept Designer, Photovoltaic architecture for various applications (1999-2000): • Train station design for Metro Blue Line in Pasadena. Solar sculpture, kiosk and PV retrofit to administration building at Miramar AFB, San Diego. Designer, voice-command navigation for V-Command in McLean, VA (1999-2000) Design and Marketing Manager, Reva Electric Car Company, Bangalore, India. (1998; 2006) • Production changes to the Reva electric car (R-Car in US). Worked with large team of engineers in India to finalize detail design. Principal Designer, Paul McReady Designs (Kramer Prize) (1997). • Design and prototype development of unique applications of clean propulsion concepts Principal Designer, Miralles Associates Inc., Altadena, California (1997-1998) • [Family architecture business] Architectural design, proposals, multimedia presentations, business plans Consultant, BMW AG, Munich, Germany & Pasadena, CA (1996-1997) • Business projections, design process, manufacturing process, marketing and sales, and transportation system ideation. Art direction, story boarding, concept ideation, script writing, motion graphics, video and sound track production/editing. Senior/Principal Designer, Amerigon Inc., Monrovia, CA (1992-1996) • Designed prototype electric vehicles, applications of low-volume production techniques. Concept ideation, market studies, design and built prototypes, pre-production development, and exhibit design Designer. General Motors at AeroVironment. (1991). Hybrid vehicles and aerodynamic studies. TEACHING/PUBLIC SPEAKING EXPERIENCE Instructor at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena - multiple core transportation courses Director, Department of Industrial Design, Academy of Arts College, San Francisco, CA (2002) • Interim director and professor. Developed courses for Transportation, Product, Toy, and Furniture Design. Lectured on sustainable technologies in transportation and design • Reviewed budgets and future spending plans. • Directed college department of 35 instructors in largest industrial arts college in the US Public Speaking • Lectures at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA • Presented new technology concepts to 400 members of Rotary Club INTERESTS • Music: Playing the cello with pop and rock bands. Performing orchestral and solo classical works. Conducting orchestras and chamber groups. • Sports: Cycling, soccer, kite surfing, sail cars, flying


  • Art Center College of Design

    • Bachelor of Science Industrial Design - Transportation
    • 1988 - 1992

    Focus and thesis on battery powered modes of transportation.

  • University of Southern California

    • Transfer Music Performance
    • 1986 - 1988

    Studied cello at the Thornton School of Performing Arts before transferring to ACCD.



AWARDS • ICON A5 aircraft - Won numerous design awards including 2009 IDEA/BusinessWeek Design Awards - Gold in Transportation Design category, 2009 Gold Spark Design Award • Design Distinction in ID Magazine’s Annual Design Review, the prestigious Red Dot International Award for Product Design • Finalist for the 2010 Wallpaper "Life- Enhancer of the Year"...
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