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  • Diego Silvério

    Designer at Whirlpool Latin America

    Curitiba, Brazil

Product designer, graduated at the Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil in 2009, and graduated as specialist on planning and management of business at FAE Business School in 2012. I have experience with research and development on design area. Currently, I’m working on Whirlpool Latin America with sensorial and perceived quality and metrics of design. As researcher, I've worked for clients as Nokia, Electrolux, HSBC Global Bank and Furukawa, and with sustainability for Volkswagen do Brazil, Embrart and Tigre S/A. I’m a social volunteer, worked on Rotary’s young program and as a volunteer on a group that work with artistic education to 4-5 aged poor children. I've published scientific articles on national and international design congresses such as ICSID Singapore '09.

Work Samples

  • Neo-X - Medical equipment

  • Beepack package

  • Tok & Study

Work History

  • Designer / Sensory Quality, Craftsmanship

    • Whirlpool Latin America
    • Jan 2013 - Present (4 years 11 months)

    As industrial designer at Design Metrics Team, I am responsible for analysis of sensorial and perceived quality of products to Latin American brands, and with development of new design metrics at Whirlpool Latin America. The main product categories are food stream solutions (refrigerators and freezers), food preparing (ovens, cooktops, ranges) and water business (water purifiers).

    Inside Design Metrics area, Craftsmanship is the main metric, focused on sensorial and perceived quality, helping to understand the relationship and experience between consumer and products on shopping floor, quantify it and suggest improvements and new ways for development and production. The results of this metric cover from daily execution until strategic planning.

    My main activities are: analisys of strategic market information; competitive analisys; definition of action plans with other areas; monitoring of improvement actions; strategic alignment between areas; information reporting to director boards, improvements of metrics process; development of guidelines and project drivers;

  • Design Researcher

    • Sustainable Design Research Center
    • Aug 2011 - Dec 2012 (1 year 4 months)

    Sustainable Design Research Center (NDS) is focused on project and actions to create knowledge in sustainability and design, and spread it on academic and professional groups. NDS have highly collaborative environment, with contribution of globally recognized universities, and is also part of DESIS Network, network of design labs sustainable-oriented.

    I was responsible for implementing and conducting activities on Amana and E-wise projects, participating also on planning and driving the results. On Amana project, I contribute to activities and accounting closure, including writing and deposit of patents resulting from project in partnership with Tigre S/A. On E-wise project, I was responsible for internal and external conduction of activities (approach and interviews of people), including the construction and conduction of workshops, and maintenance of the project's relationship with the partner universities.

  • Designer

    • Feel The Future
    • Sep 2009 - Jul 2011 (1 year 10 months)

    Feel the Future is a design-driven consultancy, focused on user-centered and design research. We develop and manage the implementation of services, products and experiences. We are part of Reach - Global Design Research Network.
    Activities: Team and project planning and management, financial planning, market analysis, qualitative research, product and service development.
    Clients: Daiken; Electrolux; Nokia; Itaú; HSBC; Positivo Informática; Designit;

  • Volunteer / Marketing Coordinator

    • N Design
    • Dec 2008 - Jul 2010 (1 year 7 months)

    Leader and Marketing Coordinator. N Design is a brazilian annual meeting of design Students and professionals and have a great impact to the academic design, attracting many participants from Latin America and other regions of the world. This edition, the 20th, was realized in Curitiba with 7 days of program, around 300 activities and 5 thousand participants.
    Activities: Team manager, event planning and management, Lei Rouanet (law of culture incentive – National Cultural Program) submission;

  • Design Intern

    • TEC Design
    • Nov 2008 - May 2009 (6 months)

    Tec Design develops product design projects and corporative brand, involving all development chain and prototyping of solutions.
    Activities: Concepts, product development, 2D and 3D visualization.
    Clients: Furukawa; Stermax; Veltrac;

  • Design Researcher

    • Sustainable Design Research Center
    • May 2005 - Aug 2007 (2 years 3 months)

    Research and development center focused on sustainability, creating opportunities for research in sustainable design on a highly collaborative environment.
    Activities: Workgroup; sustainable solutions development, immersion on enterprise, industrial process evaluation, publication of scientific articles.
    Clients: Volkswagen do Brasil; Embrart;


  • FAE Centro Universitário

    • Specialist Business planning and management
    • 2011 - 2012
  • Universidade Federal do Paraná

    • University gradate Product design
    • 2005 - 2009



• IDEA Brasil 2014 - Silver on kitchen category with Cervejeira Consul Mais (mini refrigerator exclusively for beer). • Museu da Casa Brasileira Award 2014 - Finalist with Cervejeira Consul Mais (mini refrigerator exclusively for beer). • IDEA Brasil 2012 - Selected to the exhibition with Tok&Study furniture project at Oscar Niemeyer...
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