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The Sad Tale Of Bad Breath Joe - Poor Joe, have big problems with bad breath, but he found the definitive solution.

I've created the color version of my 1998 comic page, called "The Sad Tale Of Bad Breath Joe", in portuguese it's called "A Triste Historia de Ze Bafo de Esgoto".

Keywords: Comix, Comic Book, Funny, Humor, Cartoon, Fun, Weird, Charge, Comics
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Mama's Boy - This is a new illustration with the Mama's Boy. A fat guy who live with his mother and still have the umbilical cord attached her...
This painting will become a animation on the future. Funny digital draw.
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The Dog and The Cow - A love Story - This is the love story of the dog and the cow... A fresh style that I've created, with a surreal touch...

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