I'm a driven product designer who loves to develop disruptive products that align with my personal interests and passions. I believe design is less a profession, more a lifestyle. I've worked with Fortune 500 companies, startups, defense contractors, family-owned businesses and everywhere in-between. My work ethic is the foundation of my career and I take pride in a rare balance of technical and creative skills as well as excellent digital craftsmanship. • 10+ years developing, designing, and driving products from concept to production • Experience with turning, milling, injection molding, casting, forging, and numerous other processes • Sketching, input models, prototyping, mechanical design, surfacing, production-ready 3d modeling • Branding, marketing, 4+ website launches, market research, client presentations, user manuals, packaging, POP


Alcoa, CMU, Smart Parts, DLX Technology, GI Milsim

Experience & Education