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    UX Design Lead

    Los Angeles, CA

passionate experience advocate and designer of digital things

Work Samples

Work History

  • UX Design Lead

    - Supported the launch of a new e-commerce platform by designing UX improvements based on consumer behavior research, achieving increased KPIs and conversion rates.
    - Created prototypes of digital product concepts, influencing new business objectives.
    - Helped support product databases and marketing campaigns through the creation and implementation of various design and code assets.

  • UX/UI Designer

    - Managed and improved the UX for 11 alternative news sites (including LA Weekly) by designing and launching entire site-wide redesigns, which led to significant increases in key performance metrics.
    - Researched, planned and designed several native iOS + Android mobile applications from conceptualization to final interface assets which saw an improvement in metrics and mobile ad sales.
    - Researched, planned and designed the UX for a local places and events website and app.

  • Project Manager + Designer

    - Led small teams of student employees and graduate students to craft various digital products for business and academic clients.
    - Created and negotiated the sale of a downtown concierge and location app.


  • Arizona State University

    • B.A Political Science, New Media