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  • Loran Dyson

    Industrial Designer

    Portland, OR

Transportation Design Professional Ready for your freelance design work. Email me at: LD@LoranDyson.com Excellence in Sketching, Perspective Layout, Rendering, Automotive Packaging and Clay Modeling.

Work Samples

  • Future Cab Over Class 8

  • Conventional Class 8 Sketches and Renderings

Work History

Transportation Designer: Loran Dyson LD@LoranDyson.com Education: Art Center College of Design Pasadena, California Bachelors of Science in Transportation Design December 2004 Design Experience: Daimler Trucks North America LLC Transportation Designer / Styling Concepts Mattel Inc. El Segundo, California Transportation Designer / Illustrator Contractor Illustrated Automobiles for the Hot Wheels line. August 2007- Present Caterpillar Inc. Peoria, Illinois, Transportation Designer Provided functional and styled interior/ exterior transportation design concepts for a wide range of vehicles. Coordinated with other business units through ideation, sketch refinement, Photoshop, the building of 3-D Alias wires and renderings. Final CNC model mill out of machine or cab. February 2005 - March 2006 Nike Inc. Beaverton Oregon, Model Designer Sculpted prototype models of Jordan Basketball line and all other categories. Collaborated with basketball group designers, project developers, pattern designers and others to develop three dimensional clay models from designer drawings and sketches. November 1995 - August 2001 Intaglio Design Alton, Illinois, Designer Worked with president of Intaglio design to develop company product line. Sketched and emphasized sculpting for design resolution of giftware and figures. September 1995 - November 1995 Art Center Funded Projects: Segway and Ford Motor Company Cross Link Adaptable Transport System Developed an on campus transportation system, using existing segway technology. Moves students between two campuses using one of two modes mobility best suiting the student. Audi Redefining the Sedan for 2010 Developed the theme of ”a traditional sedan with a sporty yet clean look. From concept to final presentation worked off of current A4 engine and occupant package. Completed concept sketches, renders, final tape drawing and presentation quality quarter scale clay model. Worked with advertising and film disciplines to establish a marketing theme as well. SIUC Funded Nike Inc. Shoe Model and Kiosk Produced an accurate midsole and outsole shoe model from sketches. Fabricated an interactive kiosk with computer display, which showcased 2-D and 3-D work. Recognitions: Volvo Truck Sketches published in Art Center Quarterly Book: The View. Published 2004 Art Center Dean’s List Summer 2004 Chrysler Scholarship Recipient. Fall 2003 Ford Scholarship Recipient. Fall 2002 Art Center Scholarship Recipient. Fall 2001 Design Skills: Highly creative, excellent conceptual development, ideation, sketching and rendering. Alias Auto Studio, Inventor Professional, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Presentation: Graphic design, public communication verbal and written, design intent client research and closing.


Art Center College of Design



Design Work Part of New Corporate Lobby Display: Caterpillar Inc. Summer 2005. Volvo Truck Sketches Art Center Quarterly Book: The View Published 2004. Chrysler Scholarship Recipient Fall 2003. Ford Scholarship Recipient Fall 2002. Art Center Scholarship Recipient Fall 2001.