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Cummins Diesel RV GenSet: Final Mock-up - - Localized service area
- Fastener free front door
- Use of color draws eye to "smaller box", to overlook actual bigger package
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Original Concept Sketch - - Blow-molded coolant reservoir serves also as structural corner w/ molded-in inserts for mounting bolts
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Internal Components Mock-ups - Hot wire foam cut components help to confirm shaking clearance and serviceability issues as well as help justify outer enclosure recommendations.
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Cummins PowerCommand Main Panel - - One piece sheet metal frame and backing also hinged to serve as an access door
- Membrane layer applied to the inset with five lensed zones and 8 LEDs
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Datacard ID Printer Sketch - One of eight enclosure redesign concepts:
- Increased card hopper capacity
- Card flipper extension in rear
- New styling recommendations
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Stylmark Backlit Lighting Concept Sketch - Illustrates hinge bracket detail for 12' walltrim supports (one every 4 feet):
- To assist fluorescent bulb replacement
- Clear acrylic extrusion wall plate (to prevent "light shadowing")
- Leaf spring counterbalance to overcome gravity and weight of 12' extrusion.
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Stylmark Trimaker Tracklight Sketch - Newly designed (U.L. approved) electrically accessible core for snapping several outer standard anodized walltrims to on either side.

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