The first Smart TV by google. The first "Two Parts" TV in the world! Change screens according to your desires: small, large, curved, can connect a projector, and it's hologram ready. Companies offer the thinnest and lightest screens in the world, you can choose between Philips ambilight or the new Sony bravia, from 32 to 73", metal or plastic, black, white, or yellow, classic design or designed by the best designers, with camera or not, and more!

No need to display options on the screens when you watch a show, you can increase the contrast, brightness, directly with the remote control without masking what you watch. Access the tv programs, tv options, receive notifications directly in your smart remote control. With only "Hello TV" you can talk with your MSTV, ask him to do a search on the net with the integrated microphone and more.

Your TV is fully wireless. Connect an audio system 2.1 or 5.1 wirelessly!. With DPHDMI or HDMI air, connect devices wirelessly with...

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