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  • Egle Tarditi

    Contagious Design

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

Passion guides my hand, and a deep understanding of what people expect to feel when choosing a product. Add a voracious search for new trends and tech innovation, and the results are eye and soul catching customer experiences. I consider myself a mass market specialized creative. It´s not a title you can hang on a wall, nor fill in a form, but many succesfull cases endorse it. I´m lucky: I do what I love to do.

Work Samples

  • Packaging Design

  • Catalogues, ads, and so on...

  • Character creation

Work History

  • Creative Consultant

    • E.T.bacter : creative pandemia
    • Sep 2011 - Present (6 years 2 months)

    Creativity is like Pandora´s box: once you open it, you can´t stop the infection. Anytime you need to spread some light or magic over a topic, a problem, untie a knot; come and ask for your e.t. bacter dose.
    Is the only disease that will make you feel better than excercise and healthy food.
    Therapeutic effect
    Ensures high quality of creative work and production by guiding the creative process and design concepts meeting the business objectives in such a way that the finished work is strategically sound, of the highest possible quality, remains leading edge and ahead of the competition

    100% warranted .
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  • Jefe de Diseño - Design Manager

    • Issue Group-Godrej
    • Sep 2006 - Sep 2011 (5 years)

    As a Lead Designer, I´m responsible for the creative output, with oversight of the creative team and creative processes; the ideation, presentation and execution of products, branding and marketing communications campaigns. This position invloves being both a hands-on graphic designer as well as directing the creative function so that the environment, culture, team, capabilities, tools, processes, expectations, work style and other elements to support the strategic goals and brand.
    Direct the activities and professional development of creative team members, including setting expectations and standards (build a culture) for creative team attitude, behavior, teamwork, and professional development, as well as conducting staff reviews.
    Contribute to development group discussion regarding potential formats and the latest trends in print techniques.
    Coordinate the 4 graphic designers in my department. Decode and develop design requirements for the product area, the area of communication and also for the foreign trade department of the company.
    I also oversee any outsourced jobs, such as programming of web pages or developments for different production media (TV, POP)
    I transmit the designs concept to different designers, correct and track the design process.
    Control the production quality of all graphic pieces and other packaging elements (such as bottles, cups, jars)
    I take part in product development in an integral way, working with the laboratory area, engineering and product teams.
    During 2008, developed a whole new line of Insects repellents VILLENEUVE (in the acquired company Consell) formulated with an innovative component because of its innocuity , and representing the line with a character (cartoon) that was seen on posters, street ads and POP in the summer campaign-.
    Responsible for the overall development of the aesthetic urban concept and of the new brand of the company "DENNEY", whose image is Andrea Frigerio, a well known model in Argentina.

  • Directora de Arte / Art Director

    • Algabo
    • Aug 2004 - Sep 2006 (2 years 1 month)

    Dirijo y coordino el Departamento de Diseño de Algabo sa., compuesto por 3 diseñadores gráficos, un diseñador industrial y un dieñador web.
    Elaboro los briefs de cada una de las tareas de diseño, sea packaging, folletería, POP o presentaciones interactivas o webs.
    Colaboro en la elaboración del concepto de los contenidos de los productos, trabajando en la elección de los elementos activos y las fragancias.
    Visito ferias internacionales de cosmética (Cosmoprofs), para traer tendencia y novedades en packaging y conceptos de productos.
    Superviso y corrijo todas las etapas de los trabajos hasta su finalización.

    Lead and coordinate the 5 designers in my office (three graphics, an industrial, a Web).
    I decode the marketing brief, research the market and offer several options. I am responsible for corporate image in all material POP, in fairs and exhibitions in the country and the ext.
    I travel to fairs abroad to bring aesthetic and product trends.
    I point out the design concept to different designers, correct and track the design process.
    Contact suppliers, conduct or coordinate follow-up of printing processes, development of masters, caps and bottles.
    Compose texts for products, warnings, instructions and accessories.
    I illustrate the characters applied on product lines: Sally (of which I am the author), POP, Kids,Colorfun, Chromatics.
    Develop the procedures manual, and organized the department of design operation to achieve the certification ISO 9001-2000, which occurred in late 2005. I'm a certified internal auditor by
    Bureau Veritas for regular assessments to other sectors of the company.

  • Directora de Arte / Art Director

    • Industrias Parami sa
    • Feb 1999 - Aug 2004 (5 years 6 months)

    Autora del personaje: Valentina es como vos. Ofrecido a la empresa para sus productos, luego fue convertido en Licencia debido a su gran aceptación.
    Dirijo y cooordino el departamento de diseño de la empresa, compuesto por 3 diseñadores graficos.
    Elaboro los conceptos de lineas tanto para nenas, varones y teens.
    Superviso y corrijo todas las etapas de los trabajos hasta su finalización.

    Design and illustrate lines of school supplies and agendas from 1990 to August 2004, as an
    employee and as a freelance. Track the production of films and print elements. For a year coordinated the Department of Arts, in addition to fulfilling my duties as a designer, I coordinated 3 graphic designers.
    Design and point out school lines and agendas according to the target.
    Product design (folders, cartridge belts, handbags) with special shapes, different materials, in conjunction with an industrial designer.
    I create the character “Valentina” (of which I am the author), their first and second agenda (including texts), her first school season, her first doll, her first designs of footwear and apparel.
    Then the character is marketed as a license, even have its own movie. It is known in Spain, Mexico and Colombia.

  • Socia fundadora y directora Creativa/ Founder partner and Creative Director

    • THAG ESTUDIO- graphic design studio, color photography and multimedia
    • Jul 1997 - Jul 2002 (5 years)

    Founder and Partner of this studio, I ´ve worked there as a designer and illustrator for various companies: Industrias Parami, Doubleday, Bibox, brochures for La Campagnola, Honda Motors, etc., also participating in the development and installation of multimedia projects for stands of Aguas Argentinas and Phillips (through agencies). From 1996 to 1999.



Many commercial successfull cases.