T&C Wedding Invitations - A logo and identity system for a wedding invitation, including a custom-drawn map.

Role: graphic design, logo development, map illustration.
DNC2004 Poster - A poster celebrating the city of Boston’s role in the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

Role: graphic design and illustration using supplied copy.
Billie Holiday Tribute Poster - An art deco-inspired poster for a Billie Holiday tribute concert.

Role: graphic design.
Faux-Vintage Postcards - Two postcards created with a 1950s aesthetic for tourist destinations that were yet to be developed in the 1950s.

Role: graphic design using stock imagery.
Litelife Magazine Ads - A whimsical series of magazine ads answering a question vegetarians are often asked by their carniverous colleagues.

Role: graphic design and copy writing.
Go Pink Sponsorship Brochure - A sponsorship appeal for the Go Pink Breast Cancer Outreach initiative at Boca Raton Community Hospital.

Role: graphic design using stock imagery and supplied copy.
Life Reader Magzine Prototype - Logo and layout proposal for a magazine targeting young, progressively-minded professionals.

Role: graphic design, photography.

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