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Whisht | Bottle and Carton Design - Whisht, meaning "quiet" or "silent" is inspired by the moment when the heart skips a beat after being caught off guard. The bottle's red indention symbolizes the heart while the pointed stopper is the rush one experiences.

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Drink-o! | Concept and Design - Basic game rules follow bingo, yet this easy to travel with box has added activities to make for a fun drinking game.
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Book Trilogy Covers| Design & Illustration - Book cover illustrations follow the main character, Studs Lonigan, progressing through the bad decisions he makes in his short life. Studs starts out full of ability and ambition, qualities that are crushed by the Chicago youth's limited social and economic environment in the 1930s.
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The "Chair Class" at Portfolio Center
Based on a graphic design movement, the student creates a chair and subsequent logo with personal meaning. Referencing The Swiss International Style, this chair explores the contrast between limitlessness and structure.
The white squares and black outlines create a solid grid structure while the blue circular shapes symbolize the expansiveness of myriad possibilities.

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