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  • Elo Marc

    Graphic Designer

    San Diego, CA

Founder at Elo Designs Dot Com and Founder & Creative Director At InPrint Magazine www.inprint-mag.com

Work Samples

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Work History

  • Creative Advisor

    • Elo Designs

    As a Creative Advisor, I engage a portfolio of visionary clients, unlocking the 'soft values' of creativity and culture to explore innovative processes, strategies and stories. With a combined 8 years experience at the forefront of the contemporary lifestyle revolution, I bring new values to the marketplace. I understand creativity as both a means of expression and as part of an ongoing investment process, I take it seriously, understand it's value and how to communicate this value. I know technology as a medium for social expression, identify clear reference points and leverage social, creative and economic value for new or existing clients.

  • Editor-In-Chief

    • InPrint Magazine

    10 months) With 7 million unique reads, InPrint is a bi-monthly digital and print magazine publication which the main goal is to show contemporary visual arts to a wide variety of audience. The author's goal is to publish the works of: Designers, Fine Artists and Illustrators all over the world. All the works published in InPrint Magazine are property of the respective authors. InPrint is a creative magazine that can provide a reward, recognition, satisfaction, influence, and a fresh new look into the creative life of an artist, young designers, creative professionals and creative practitioners. We believe InPrint Magazine For Tablets is a new journey outlining a picture of creativity into the future. A new face where we can see and hear something new from the creative environment around the world in a creative publication that will be the inspiration for the rest of your lives! 12 recommendations available upon request Owner & Designer at Elo Designs

  • Software Tester

    • Apple

    Apple OS X tester and bug finder. Working hard to make a better OS platform for everyone

  • Pawesome Pet Shop

    • Co Founder

    e are an independent pet store, with a personal and hipster touch All of us have a life long love of animals. We enjoy working with animals and love matching people with pets. Our artists are carefully selected by the owners to create a collection based on their own pets, with a very unique style and vibrant colors. At Pawesome we believe pets are special. They really become part of the family. Our pet shop is not a high volume "corporate store". Our goal is to be a different kind of pet store, one that supports community and pets. Our hope is that you will spread the word by telling your friends about our unique pet store. Support us and our rescue by coming to our store for your pet supplies, food and unique pet's clothing!


  • SDCCD Community School

    • Certificate recommendation available upon request
  • San Diego City College

    • AA Graphic design
  • not provided

    • Certificate Web Design
  • San Diego City College

    • AA Graphic design
    • 2009



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