I currently work at Spyder Active Sports. My skills include: magazine and catalog design, typography, production of photography, illustration assignment, feature photography


SKIING Magazine Awards >American Photography V29, Selected: 2013 >SPD Illustration Single/Spot, Merit Award: 2013 SKI Magazine Awards: >American Illustration V23 Award: 2003 >ASME National Magazine Award Nomination in Design Category: 2004 >Communication Arts Award for Feature Design: November 2005 >American Photography V22 Award: 2005 >SPD PUB41 Spots Award for Illustration: 2005 >American Illustration V26 Award: 2006 >SPD PUB42 Merit Award for Photography: 2006 >American Illustration V27 Award: 2007 >SPD PUB44 Merit Award for Illustration: 2008 >American Photography V25 Tribute Award: 2008 >American Illustration V28 Tribute Award: 2008 >SPD PUB45 Merit Award for Photography: 2009 >American Photography V26 Thee Award: 2009 >American Photography V27 Selected: 2010 >American Photography V31, Selected: 2014

Experience & Education