KDA Industrial Design Consultants, Inc.

Company Profile

KDA was established in 1947. The current KDA Design Team is comprised of professional Industrial Designer's that have ID degrees and have extensive knowledge, training and hands-on experience designing new products in a broad range of industries and disciplines. KDA's strength is it's ability to take a product from inception all the way through concepts, refinements, 3D CAD solid models or physical mock-up models, preliminary design-engineering, rapid prototypes, functional or appearance models, piece part production drawings, vendor sourcing, beta prototype testing / supervision and start-up production coordination.

In addition Team KDA can research materials, processes and cutting edge manufacturing technology, as well as conduct field studies and analysis of competitive products. Based on the resulting research KDA can provide product positioning, brand development, product naming, focus group studies, market research models and interface with corporate or independent market research firms. The deliverables are cost effective, competitive products that are user oriented and have the ergonomic and human factors aspect integrated into the product solution.

For an excellent example of the design team's capabilities please take a moment to read the KDA Case Studies posted on our web site. You may also click on examples of our work in your specific industry by looking at visuals of related products posted on our KDA Clients web page.

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We do not hire Mechanical Engineers to "Design" new products.