The Product Farm Corporation

Raleigh, NC

At some point you’ve stumbled upon that perfect million-dollar idea. That sketch you scribbled down with a waiter’s pen on a napkin, how are you going to turn it into something more? How do you go from this rudimentary chicken scratch to a finished product? You need an impressive presentation with high quality visuals to generate the capital needed from investors, or perhaps you have the capital already. In either case what you need is the ultimate aesthetic, functional design solution.

Once that is completed, or if you already have your own completed design, you may ask yourself, “How much will this cost to prototype? And where would I get that done?” It definitely helps when you can develop your idea into something tangible, to feel it in your hands, examine it and improve it to its optimal form and function.

Awesome, you’re now sitting on a VERY cool fully developed idea; its patent pending and you have an excellent handmade sample representing the look and feel of the final product. But how much does it cost to mass produce? Do you want to manufacture domestically or overseas? And if you’re going overseas, how much would it cost to ship and import it into the US? What types of duties apply? What are your options on delivery time? Let’s not forget about packaging, you need a window box, tin, clamshell or a regular blister pack? Do you need a POP display solution?

With our creative abilities, you actually don’t even need an idea to work with us. Provided with a target audience and price point, we can come up with that unique idea for you! That’s what we do best. We love to scribble, sketch, develop and research – all in an effort to invent something new. Our track record will show we’ve done it before, we’re doing it right now and we’ll do it all over again – for you. Our talented creative team will provide you and your organization with marketing support and cutting edge solutions.

We take the time to understand our clients brand strategies delivering programs to enhance brand identity, personality and most importantly recognition. Our network of artists and designers do it all, either with bare hands, or by utilizing state of the art 2D and 3D computer aided design (CAD) software.

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