Roz Goldfarb Associates

New York, NY

Founded over 25 years ago, Roz Goldfarb Associates is an independent, full-service recruitment consultancy and executive search firm that assists businesses or organizations to find the best people in the specialized niches of Design, Branding, Marketing Communications and Digital Media. RGA is a partner to our U.S and international clients, and conducts searches for mid- to senior-level positions in Creative, Production, Strategic and Business positions.

RGA always guarantees our clients "Civilized Headhunting" -- professionalism, integrity, high quality service and total accountability.

RGA also consults on the development of a myriad of employment, staffing and management solutions.

Our Concept: Whether a large international conglomerate or a small emerging company, we always approach our clients with an emphasis on the long-term relationship. We are consultants, with the goal of helping our clients grow and be stronger. Our primary job is to ensure clients hire the best available people to meet their business goals. We also work with clients to discover new opportunities to enhance their success.

Our Process: Our approach is to engage our clients in a highly strategic, customized and confidential process. Working in partnership with our clients, and through open and honest dialogue, we target the people and opportunities that will make a difference. We know that whether placing marketing, management or creative personnel, we require an in-depth understanding of our client’s objectives, business plan and culture.

Our Reputation: While companies have many choices, they select our firm because of our demonstrated integrity, quality of service and total accountability that began in 1985. Confidentiality is our hallmark. Our reputation and our clients' reputations co-exist on that premise. We call it "civilized headhunting" and are proud to live up to it every day.

Our Culture: We are entrepreneurial and imaginative, offering an inventive outlook, coupled with solid business experience. Each of our Recruitment Consultants is a specialist in a defined practice area, with years of direct experience, as well as the refined intuition gained from years of recruiting for a large number of similarly situated clients. Together we are an integrated team, capable of addressing all of our clients’ needs by providing insight and successful solutions.

Our Reach: We can offer our clients access to business opportunities on many levels. As a founding member of a global network of like-minded recruitment firms we can help clients reach into other countries or draw talent from abroad. Through our strategic relationships, we can provide a broader range of service. And in our consulting practice, we have helped clients establish new profit centers or satellite offices, develop marketing and sales departments, and enter into strategic relationships, partnerships, mergers or acquisitions.

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