Product Tree

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About Us

Product Tree is a think tank comprised of skilled designers who collaborate to bring ideas to life. Whether you are in a conceptual stage or a fully developed company, Product Tree will create and implement a creative growth strategy with measurable goals and checkpoints.

As creative engineers, one of our specialties is creating patentable features or coming up with new ideas for existing patents or technologies to be licensed or developed across industries.

Industrial design, engineering, web development and video are just some of the other services that branch from Product Tree. Our sales and marketing team tie together connections with retailers and test markets to make sure your product or service has a buyer.

We utilize the latest technologies, a non-linear product development process, and a large network of manufacturers to grow ideas cost efficiently into profitable products and services.

Helping small inventors to large corporations --- we are a root for innovation.

Industries served include:
consumer / packaged goods
recreation and outdoors
juvenile and toy
POP / display
packaged food / restaurant
eCommerce / tech

Team includes:
industrial design
mechanical engineering
graphic / branding design
website development
market research
sales force
rapid prototyping
small to large production