RitaSue Siegel Resources

Company Profile

RitaSue Siegel Resources (RSSR) is the premier retained search and advisory firm operating at the intersection of design, brand and business for over 30 years. Our fundamental mission since 1969 has been to serve as trusted advisors to the design industry and to industry on design. We enable organizations to gain sustainable advantage by delivering leaders who drive the growth of their brands and businesses through innovation and design.


Engage with leaders who are creating the future

Partner with clients to build world class organizations

Secure key senior individuals to build brands and businesses

Contribute to the conversation about how design delivers on the triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental value

Connect with people who are doing the most important things in design, brand and innovation

Integrate design strategically to deliver their goals

Understand how design drives innovation

Use design to differentiate

Build loyalty through brand experience

Market design-driven products and services