Bluelarix Designworks

Company Profile

If you are looking for an innovative and user friendly product design, then we invite you to learn to know us. We are a source of innovation with our outspoken design and focus on the user.

We design products that we find useful for people's daily life, the human factor is central in our work. And apart from that there are another few reasons to work with us:

Design | our designs are logical, emotional, outspoken, simple and truly innovative.

Team | we have a flexible and powerful design team. There is an atmosphere of possibilities, continuous learning, creativity and innovation.

Designmanagement | our projects are well organized, by means of balance sheets we actively keep you posted on the latest project news. We help to manage the designprocess, involve users, clients and suppliers to the process, we support cooperation and initiate innovation.

Cross-polination | because we design so many different products, we often look with a fresh mind at things, but at the same time we can apply knowledge and experiences from other area's on your project, so that innovation is the result.

User | the user is the startingpoint for our design, technology and interaction.
Multidiscipline | we both design the product as well as the electronics, interaction and software. For a design agency from our size, that is remarkeble.

Sustainable design | we have a clear vision on designing in a more sustainable way. We use a 42-point checklist and like to enter challenges and discussions with you on this theme.