The Upper Deck Company, LLC

Carlsbad, CA

Work hard. Have fun. Own the moment.

The work environment at Upper Deck is one that thrives on enthusiasm, creativity and teamwork. Everyone pulls together, knows and believes in the game plan, and executes it out to the best of his or her ability. It's what makes us the best. In addition, it's what makes your career a career, rather than a job.

Upper Deck offers a variety of fun activities throughout the year. But beyond that, "fun" at Upper Deck translates to the workplace itself and the experiences you will have here.

We honor each other's talents and skills and value the fact that our team will be there for us. Every player on the Upper Deck team takes immense pride in what he or she does and in what the company does. That pride translates into being the best in our industry...a long-standing accomplishment.

At Upper Deck, every player is a winner and every employee has the opportunity to share in our success. From our outstanding TeamCare benefits program to our generous product discounts...from our energized workplace to our company-wide activities…you will be rewarded for your hard work and unique talents.

Quality. Creativity. Innovation. Authenticity.
These four words represent the lifeblood of our products and our culture. It is our company's founding principle, and it remains our competitive edge.

Our Operating Philosophy
Embrace the customer and the consumer as the sole reason for our company's existence.
Recognize that quality, creativity, innovation, and authenticity are the lifeblood of our products.
Our league licensees and athlete relationships are our largest assets. We must value and cultivate them accordingly.
Our team members are our most precious resource. They transform our equity into the greatest trading card, entertainment and memorabilia products in the world. We must honor each other's commitment.

Own the Moment. Imagine the Future.
When we say, "Own the Moment," we mean it. We believe in you and the unique skills that you bring to the playing field. We want every team member to assume ownership of his or her own experience and create a vision of the future.

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