Chicago, IL

MINIMAL is a diversely talented product, interaction and identity firm dedicated to exceeding consumer and client expectations and creating compelling brand experiences. Our focus is on forming long-term relationships with companies and partners that wish to raise the bar and create industry leading user experiences.

Our collective work speaks for itself and spans a diverse range of industries from technology, sports and consumer products to fashion, furniture and environments. Our team is comprised of the best talent in product, brand, interaction and business strategy that have led companies like Nike, Motorola, IDEO, and Samsung.

By balancing brand equities, functional needs, user aspirations and global trends with a consistently fresh and approachable aesthetic touch, we create emotional connections between the consumer and the brands for which we design. We help companies create disruptive and sustainable brand icons and establish or regain market relevance.

Skilled in the art of balancing high design and mass appeal, we understand the relationship between business and design. We are doers, not talkers. We have extensive experience not only in top consultancies but, more importantly, driving innovation within corporations and manufacturers. We understand what it takes to navigate these environments and achieve success. We know what it takes to deliver compelling concepts to market because we have done it over and over again.

Founded in 2007 by Scott Wilson, one of TIME Magazine's Style+Design 100 and former Global Creative Director at Nike, MINIMAL is based in Chicago and has studios in Portland, Oregon and Milan, Italy.

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