Pitney Bowes

Company Profile

Mail is evolving at a rapid speed. In fact, these days, the word “mail” is no longer an apt description for what has become an undeniably powerful business-building tool. Today the creation and flow of mail, documents and packages is increasingly diverse, containing everything from bills and e-statements to direct mail, catalogs and goods like DVDs and prescription drugs. It is both physical and electronic. Collectively, this is called the “mailstream.”

Pitney Bowes is a leader in the mailstream. Headquartered in Stamford, CT, we are a global provider of integrated mail solutions starting with the creation of a message through its preparation, printing, distribution, receipt, archiving and ultimate retrieval.

With nearly $6 billion in sales and $8 billion in market capitalization, Pitney Bowes provides a dynamic platform for career growth. We have a robust and flexible infrastructure that provides multiple opportunities, and we are a company that promotes diversity and excellence. Pitney Bowes invites you to use your talents to help create and deliver new ideas for our globally recognized and trusted company.

Please visit us on the web at pb.com at www.pb.com/careers to view our job openings.