Fiskars Garden & Outdoor Living

Company Profile

Fiskars is one of the oldest companies in the world. It began as an ironworks in the small village of Fiskars, Finland in 1649. Over the centuries Fiskars manufactured a wide variety of consumer and industrial products including steam engines, plows and cutlery.

By 1992, all factory production had ceased and this beautiful and historic place was dying. That’s when something special happened.

Fiskars sought out artisans, designers and artists and invited them to live and work in the village. They brought a new vitality and transformed it into a much acclaimed center for Finnish art and design. The village is now a popular tourist destination offering visitors many things to see and do throughout the year.

Today, Fiskars is best known for its consumer products, such as scissors, knives and garden tools. These products are organized in four divisions: Craft, Garden, Housewares and Outdoor Recreation. Fiskars employs over 4,300 people around the world.

Garden enthusiasts have a deep emotional connection with their homes and gardens. Our mission is to support and inspire them with innovations and ideas that make gardening simpler, easier and more enjoyable.