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The advertising industry worldwide is known for its revolving door approach at all levels of staffing. Some would excuse this for the “creative” mindset that constantly needs and feeds on change, variety, innovation. Maybe so. Maybe it is time to look outside the box.

Managers hire people based on their experience and fire them because they don’t fit in. CVs with long lists of positions held impress some people as teeming with experience. A mentor of mine used to remind me that 10 years experience is not the same as 1 year of experience 10 times.

Staff join a company because of salary and benefits, they need the money to support themselves and their family, they got fired or pushed out of their last place due to lack of performance. Exit interviews prove that the never-spoken #1 reason that people leave a company is because they can’t stand their boss, who has no people or management skills or training.

BISHOP CONSULTANCY is not interested in hunting heads, filling positions, moving bodies from agency to agency like a game of Chinese checkers.

It is our mission to help senior managers and executives find the right fit, the right next step in their career, to grow personally, to grow their company for the good growth of their client companies. So, the name of the game is growth, not a job hopping (or hoping) experience.

Our international senior career coach brings over 35 years of marketing and general management, and senior executive coaching experience both with North American companies, Western/Asian partnerships as well as Chinese, European, North American companies in China.

Comments from a client:

"I find your questions to be thought-provoking and have actually helped me re-assess and think about some things and have provided me with guidance, indirectly. For this, I thank you for throwing these questions at me. You have a great way of getting information out of people by asking the most thought-provoking questions. The process of reflecting on and responding to his questions allowed me to evaluate and re-evaluate my current situation, providing me with a lot of self-guidance. This to me is definitely the next level of mentorship in terms of career coaching/development.” July 28, 2008

Peishan Tian 田珮珊, Marketing Campaign Manager, Global Management and Technology Consulting Firm.

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