Aspensas Inc

Livingston, TX

Ability to communicate in English, French/Creole, and Spanish is desired. Effective verbal skills in these languages for telephone and in-person communication. Written skills desired.

One or two years of administrative experience. Organization and time management skills.

Excellent verbal communication, interpersonal, analytical, and problem solving skills.

Demonstrated computer skills in basic office systems. Demonstrated experience in computer based accounting software, to know or to learn the Dynamics accounting software program. Microsoft Office knowledge is preferred.

Maturity to handle confidential information with discretion.

Negotiation and purchasing skills and experience making travel, lodging, and conference booking arrangements are preferred.

A solid understanding of cultural differences is required and overseas exposure is preferred.
Working Conditions

The above statements are intended to describe the essential functions of this job. It may be necessary for a person to perform other tasks as needed

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